Monday, 3 December 2007

apple mac's terrible customer services

I've been a mac user since 1992. I don't even know how to use a p.c. But since the ipod came out the customer service has gone down the drain. 
Last friday I went to the Brent Cross apple mac shop to buy my daughter a laptop for xmas. My card was declined. They put it through 3 times. Declined each time. I insisted on calling the credit card company. I'd been charged 4 times. The mac shop disagreed and refused to refund me or give me the laptop, saying i had to return the next day to sort it out.
Over the weekend they sent me emails confirming that they are in the right and i haven't been charged. The credit card company equally insist that they are right and that I have been charged 4 times. I'm out of pocket by £2,600 and have no laptop. 
Called apple mac help line: "no we are the manufacturers and we can't help you." I insist. " Well then you have to get your statement and prove that you have been charged 4 times." Stifling an inward scream of indigation and frustration, I say "well that will be after christmas which is no good to me, plus i'm a customer, and why should i be running around when obviously your system has a fault!". 
I'm still waiting for an answer to that one.

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