Monday, 24 December 2007

Christmas eve

Well it's just me and my kid. We are huddled on the sofa, heating on full, a blanket thrown over our legs. Each of us has a mac book on our laps. We've watched Gordon Ramsey kick arse in Kitchen Nightmares (US). We've had a big bowl of garlicky tomato sauce on pasta. I've had a kir and a whisky. 
Later I will wrap her presents...she's already had the laptop. I've been to Primark and bought some sweaters, socks, pyjamas and beads. At Fenwicks I got her a little black sequin shrug. Today we went to Topshop with my mum and got her a little black dress. After all every girl needs one, she's almost 14 now... And a cool shiny tuxedo, reduced from 50 quid to 25 and some nice purple lace ups with  3 inch heel. My little girl is growing up. But still it's sickening to go shopping with someone who is a size 6 (size 2 in the states). 

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