Tuesday, 11 December 2007

OK. take it all back. mac sorted me out handsomely with a 20% discount so all is forgiven!
I have been working on the photos that I took this summer on our travels to Mexico, Guatemala and Utila, Honduras. 
The only bit my teenager liked was learning to Scuba dive in Utila. 
She tolerated the Guatemalan jungle, mainly because we stayed at a guest house which you had to get to by boat and there was another teenager. She would have preferred to be in London in the rain, on her computer.
The live volcano left her cold. Even though we toasted marshmallows and sweet corn on the lava. The sound of a lava flow is like aluminium cans being crushed.
The brightly hued weavings and artesania's were dull.
The Mexican food she hated except for Guacamole (a new addition to her very limited diet). 
Her Spanish didn't improve either. 

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