Monday, 4 February 2008

Orbs, gilding and Graham hates kylie

On Friday afternoon I went to a new class that I have joined, learning to cut mounts, make picture frames and gild frames. It's full of Italians and Spanish and lady artists. One guy there knows "people in tv" and gave me the lowdown. 'Ten years younger', the plastic surgery programme, crams all the surgery into 10 weeks and so the women don't have a chance to recover between operations. This can lead to psychological problems and, while they are supposed to have a shrink on set, in reality this doesn't always happen. Sometimes the women, say, mothers from a poor background who have never left their children before, return home, all spruced up, new face, new body, new wardrobe and lose all their friends... they don't fit in anymore.
Then this guy tells me a little gossip about Graham Norton, how the only people he has to be careful not to slag off are the royals and he's had a few slap wrists about that. Graham hates Kylie, which is why she's never on the programme. My 'source' didn't know why, but thought it was for diva-esque behaviour but I suggested it might be because she's so bland in interviews. For a camp icon, she's boringly unbitchy! He also said that Liza Minnelli, who I adore, was in a terrible state on the programme and had to be coaxed onto set by her then hubby, David Gest. Liza met Martine McCutcheon in the green room who was immediately invited to become a bridesmaid and of course Graham Norton was invited to the wedding too. Poor Liza, so talented, so messed up... the DNA exerting its fateful grip?
Then Saturday I joined a closed circle group in the Prince of Wales pub, Highgate. The Prince of Wales is a proper pub, full of local characters and lone men sipping bitter. It also hosts the toughest pub quiz in London on Tuesday nights. The closed circle, something I've not done before, seeks to contact spirits from the other side. Wendy, the organiser, told me that at the last meeting she took pictures, which later, on downloading them, revealed 'orbs', which are small balls of energy/light. One orb even had a little face in it. The person that the orbs were most attracted to, Paul, is a David Icke conspiracy theorist. Not sure if that helps. I was hoping to upload some of the pictures that I took complete with orbs but sadly there were none.(Cynical aside: This could also be because I take better pictures than Wendy without reflections and blur)
The others were very friendly, interesting and open. One couple came from Pluckley in Kent which is apparently the most haunted village in Britain. I'm definately going to visit there. I was also told about a pub "The Grenadier" in Knightsbridge which still has a soldier haunting the bar, particularly in September, when he was killed. Must check that out too...
This meeting was really a get to know each other session as obviously trust and a certain amount of bonding is essential to a successful psychic circle.

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