Monday, 31 March 2008

Mathew Delooze continued, his message...

"Today I'd like to try to explain that the masses are victims of hypnosis. I know you find that hard to believe. Hypnosis works on many levels. You are being hypnotised every single day of the year.
(whispers behind me "control")
We are being hypnotised to worship and respect energies in other dimensions.
The serpent cult is a force that has dumbed us down and wiped away our memories.
For instance a charming young man can hypnotise any young lady to sleep with him if he has the gift of the gab, it's the same thing.
We are farmed to produced energy.
We have been unable to understand that we have been prisoners for many lifetimes. We do not really die. We have been deceived on many levels of consciousness.
The time is coming.
We don't even know we are carrying out rituals.
He then shows pictures of the Queen, Bush and the pope.
They are examples of deceptive agents of the serpent cult"(many murmurs of agreement)
"These people love living in this world, they reincarnate again and again into this life as these roles. They set the rules.
Baptism for instance: the parents are making a promise for that baby that it will bow down to these people until it leaves this world. To bow down to god.
We are forced to make spiritual promises from birth.
Occult symbolism and ambiguous words are used. We vow to obey anything put in writing by a god.
We are bullied into saying prayers and hymn singing . The lords prayer being the most frequent."
Delooze mentions that he had a difficult childhood and was put into a care home. He was a choirboy.
 We have rituals at Christmas, such as obey Santa if you want presents. We undergo enforced emotion. Easter is another one, we buy Easter eggs, we don't know why we are doing it, we just do it. We are continuously celebrating the cycle of the sun.
Another ritual, marriage: you promise to obey.
Even when you die: binding oaths are made on our behalf at the time of our death too. When someone dies you are sending them to be a servant of the Sun god, and condemning them to that for the next life also.
Lets look at the lords prayer.
 "Our father which art in heaven
for thine is the kingdom, the power, and the glory for ever and ever" says it all doesn't it?
Amen.... does not mean 'so be it'.
Amen means the sun Amen-ra. It's slipped into many religions, Jew or Muslim or Christian, all the time amen is mentioned.
Delooze is a little nervous, but this is an important point.
"Amen ra (amun) is an ancient sun deity "o amen, o amen, who art in heaven" is from the Egyptian book of the dead written long before Jesus.
Amun was known as the hidden one and god of many names...
(shows a graven image of Amun , Egyptian god with two points on head).
"They are pissing themselves because we do this, the fourth dimensional beings are laughing at us apes changing this name."
Shows picture of Madonna, the pop star : "We are entranced into worshipping symbolic celebrities. We are hypnotised with ambiguous lyrics with songs we cannot get out of our heads."
(shows picture of Madonna, with image of sun goddess behind her).
"the same thing happens in movies. Look at the Superman sign. That is a snake in fact. Most major blockbuster movies contain occult symbolism and subliminal messages.
Rocky, he's made 6 films, there is an extraction of spiritual energy through movies."
(shows clips) "How many emotions can you feel in such a short time?"
"Live 8 concert... it's another example of extraction of spiritual energy.
How powerful would it be if everybody got to feel emotion about the same thing? One of the easiest ways to explain energy being collected.
The Eden project... rich in symbolisms
Versailles...the sun god (Louis XIV the Sun King)?
UK Hyde park...
'Rocky' is often pictured in worship pose.
A museum is a sun temple, architecture and landscape planning such as the Benjamin Franklin Parkway in Philadelphia, energy lines created purposely by Illuminati. (shows photo of Benjamin Franklin Parkway).
'Rocky' is showing respect to founding fathers of America.
Same thing at the Champs Elysee in Paris, it's one big energy line.(shows pictures) The louvre, its pyramid. So many ancient monuments in there capable of passing on energy.
The Atomium in Brussels another good example of symbolic monuments placed under our noses. But it's a Sun god monument.
People were attracted thousands of years ago to Egyptian pyramids. Nothings has changed. 
There is hypnotic occult symbolism all around us.
Now I'm going to talk about the Ferris wheel.
(picture of Blackpool Ferris wheel) The pyramid and the circle represent the ancient benben storm? that rose out of the water in chaos. The chaos , the black water of the sea, ...
There are now Ferris wheels in Paris, in London. In the middle of the Paris one you've got the 3000 year old obelisk in the middle of the Ferris wheel.
They are building Ferris wheels everywhere.
It's hypnotic symbolism. The Ferris wheel was created at a world fair.
The same thing happens at festivals like Glastonbury...the pyramid stage. This festival is at summer solstice. Is it coincidence?
This positive power is used against us.
The energy of the crowd is fed through the pyramid and to the 4th dimensional people.
Another example: this snake suited chappy is called sunny, the sun and the serpent, it represents a children's charity.
We are being conned and tranced into carrying things out in our normal lives.
New years eve, Big Ben,  the Ferris wheel, the fireworks. Millions of people see this video. It's 2008(shows video clip of New Year celebrations in London) . A giant obelisk, Big benben. The London eye, a Ferris wheel. a ritual that's being carried out. The energy created there is going through the monument.
The London eye loses 50 million pounds a year so why is it there?
People are giving their free wheel energy. That's why."

ufo conf pt 2

The next speaker was David Cayton who talked to us about animal mutilations, attributed to alien autopsy. The lecture was entitled The Silent Killers. We had to sit through about an hour of horrific photographs showing mutilated sheep, a lamb with a teardrop shaped hole in it, a cow slit around the jaw. Some photos showed cow tongues cut at an angle. Many of these animals wounds seemed to be sealed or cauterised and frequently their organs had been extracted through the wound or the anus.The rectum area is often clean around the hole with a sealed edge. Professor Tony Fremont, pathologist at Manchester university is also interested in this phenomenon.
Mr Cayton spent £300 putting an ad in the Farmers Guardian asking for examples of strange animal attacks and received 12 calls from the Shetlands to Cornwall.
At one point he received a phone call from a woman at DEFRA (Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs) saying " Is this to do with the aliens, not that we are supposed to know anything about it?". (I then sent a text to my friend who is a press officer at Defra asking what she knew, and she denied all knowledge...only heard of big cat attacks).
Mr Cayton showed us an "anal dipstick" average length, 15" for cows and 51/2" for sheep.
One farmer told him that its been going on since 1958. RSPCA unofficially agree that it is aliens mutilating these animals, for the injuries differ from human criminal abuse, so it couldn't be satanic cults. The surgical procedures are too advanced and high tech to be human.
Trouble with this lecture is that after one photo of a tortured animal, well, you've seen 'em all. I felt like saying "OK mate we've got the picture now can you explain what's going on?". As a vegetarian, it was quite hard going.
Next up was my favourite speaker of the conference Matthew Delooze. Dressed in a white suit and fedora, he started tremulously, it being his first ever speaking engagement. He soon picked up speed and told us his story. At around the age of 40, Matthew underwent a spiritual awakening.
Now before I recount his talk I would like to talk about his chart, the details of which he has kindly given me. Firstly, he is sun conjunct moon in Pisces in the 12th house. This is pure compassion, pure connectedness with the mass unconscious. This man doesn't have a mean bone in his body. In fact his biggest problem is probably sensing other peoples pain and managing to keep himself sufficiently detached to function. The 12th house placement also denotes hospitals, prison and asylums.
Around the time of his revelation, he had the classic mid-life transit, Uranus opposition, which affects everyone at about 40. This is the divorce transit, the resigning from your job and chucking it all in transit. How it manifested itself in Matthews chart was a little different. Uranus entered his 11th house of groups and the future, meaning that his didn't just look after himself, he tuned into what was really going on out there in society. This opposed his natal Uranus in the 5th, which you could argue was a capacity for unusual creativity which had been suppressed up until this point. Matthew had worked in ordinary jobs in factories. Nothing too creative about that. He was also being mistreated by his somewhat sadistic manager.
The day of the revelation the manager asked Matthew to do something unreasonable. To clean an aeroplane, no less, with a bucket of water, up a ladder. Whilst up that ladder (how apt) Matthew, in his words: "I had to clean a machine, a huge machine. The manager gave me a bucket of water to clean it with. I had a choice. I thought of my family at home etc and I decided to go up the ladder, I didn't have the guts to jack in the job. At the top I wanted to jump off.
At that moment I got a massive shock which entered the top of my spinal cord, like I was having an electric shock. For a few minutes I was jabbering away about vipers. I dropped the bucket, water everywhere."
How Uranian is that? An electric shock! (Uranus rules electricity) At the height/depth of his despair, divine inspiration, a message from the outer planets...
"I descended the ladder and everybody thought I'd gone mad. After that the factory decided that I was a loony and they retired me for being a nutcase. To do this I had to go through the system, medical checks, GP's etc.
It's a twisted system, the people running it are insane, they will not listen.
So I was unemployed, with no future, and an embarrassment to my family and children.
The force I met up the ladder, though, my life has improved. It's been 11 years now. There's been a force that's been pushing me. Now I'm on stage. Before I would have been too scared. I've just come back from Colombia. I've been to Egypt, things I would never have done before."
This is Uranus opposition at its very best... a transformational experience that changes your whole life. It lifts you from the mundane, the routine and blasts you into the future, if you have the courage to let it. Obviously I am seeing this experience through the astrological perspective, others might believe he was contacted by extra-terrestrials, or had a VALIS experience, or even a religious conversion.
Matthew continues: "After this I regained memories of my childhood, alien abductions, visitations in my bedroom. I'm sure you've all heard these stories before. Other memories came back to me. The thing up the ladder was not a man having a nervous breakdown, it was a spiritual connection. To help other people and pass messages on.
I remembered things from many lives before. I feel that passing these messages on, will reawaken people. I'm not saying that I'm a messiah I'm just passing on the experiences that I went through. "

Probe Ufo conference, Blackpool

Having been rudely let down (not even one of his customary glacial emails that I get frostbite opening) by my original 'date', the Prince of Mordor, for the conference, I decided to go it alone. This decision was encouraged by a series of delightful emails that I received from Matthew Delooze, one of the speakers at the conference, all of which referred to me as "mate" or "lad" and repeatedly expressed concern that I possessed sufficient capacity to drink enough Northern ale. Eventually I timidly admitted that I am in fact a girl (and rather a cheap date at that! Two drinks normally being my limit). He thought that my name was a boys name as
"girls up here tend to be called Irene or Carol".
Drove up at the crack of dawn Saturday, took 5 hours but the weather was fine, and listening to Goldfrapp made the journey pleasant and dreamy.
First impressions: how old everyone was! Uranian third agers... Jean, the white haired organiser, was at the front desk wearing a pair of alien gray earrings, plus there was an 'alien' in purple greeting people.
Around the hall at the YMCA, stalls sold crystals, incense, alien dolls (costume and appearance based on true sightings), crop circle outings and books. One goth mum and her whey-faced chav daughter sold dvd's.
Quickly a young man named Ben Emlyn-Jones introduced himself. He writes a blog called Hospital Porters Against the New World Order.
A couple of women sat next to me and told me about Dean Warwick who apparently died on stage whilst giving a lecture at a probe conference just over a year ago. Controversy rages about the cause of his death but the general consensus is that he was shot by an ELF (extremely low frequency?) weapon on the orders of the military. Amazingly the conference continued after this...
These women chatted noisily throughout the lectures, adding asides and comments like a Shakespearian audience.
Jean gets up and announces that Chris Everard who now lives in France, cannot give his lecture, because he could not get a passport. He believes that he has "trod on a few toes with his new dvd". Behind me, the grey-haired ones were murmuring agreement and disapproval. Justified or not, a collective paranoia permeates the whole event.
First up was a balding pony-tailed man, Dr Jeff Merrifield (or Buster Merryweather/Uncle Albert from Only fools and Matthew Delooze called him), who showed slides and talked about an amazing place in the Italian Alps called Damanhur. The slides and the story were fascinating but his lecture was poorly presented and prepared (apparently he was a last minute replacement)..
He went to this area originally because he wanted to visit CERN (the world's largest particle physics laboratory) and also there were reports of spontaneous combustions going on.
Damanhur is a solar temple. In 1978 Oburto Airaudi had a revelation and started to dig at the back of his house. It took 16 years to dig out a space larger than St Pauls, and 3 months for the first chamber. The diggers were not builders, and it was all done by hand, dug out of mountain rock, using buckets. The whole operation was undertaken secretly and any visitors were blind-folded. One guy in the village guessed and grassed them up to the authorities saying they hadn't paid tax on what they were producing. The Italian authorities at first reacted by wanting to close down the temple as planning permission had not been sought but eventually welcomed the place, seeing it as a tourist's attraction. Nowadays the catholic church are trying to get in there (watch this space for a Marian sighting?). There are no tourists there only "seekers".
Dr Merrifield showed slides and film of this extraordinary place: different caverns/rooms representing different elements, with secret staircases, mosaics, glass work, a cupola. There were painted Egyptian symbols and menhirs with serpents. Sacred language is built into the design.
Some of the chambers: a hall of metals in which copper and brass and chrome are applied to terracotta; a hall of mirrors; an earth room with stained glass panels depicting the 7 ages of man(often portraits of the Damanhur inhabitants); a water room.
One has intense experiences inside the temple, and children in particular react to the energies and go crazy there.(I've seen this manifested in my daughter when we go to Avebury).
People who are part of the community after a while take an animal name then a vegetable name. The community follows moon phases and solstices. They partake in drumming and various creative workshops.
An important element of the temple is "Selfica": which are energy captivators using spirals/ copper a bit like Reichs' orgone accumulators, and there are 300 tons of selfic technology built into temple.
This "[gigantic] 'battery' has been constructed according to the science of 'Selfica', which, say the Damanhurians, is 'an ancient science derived from the basic form of our universe, the spiral. It was known to the Egyptians, the Celts, and the Arabs, who utilized it up to the 8th Century B.C."
Outside as part of the landscape, stone spirals are traced on grass which people walk around and meditate in.
The Damanhurians paint their houses with butterflies and suns and flowers.
A local Olivetti factory been bought by them. Adriano Olivetti believed in maintaining rural communities so he built several of his factories in the country. This factory now houses several craft workshops.
I must visit this place.

Friday, 28 March 2008

socpa repealed

Good news. The efforts of Brian Haw and others means that the government is repealing parts of the SOCPA law (Serious Organised Crime and Police Act 2005) which prevented people from protesting within a mile of Parliament. 
The parents have returned from Greenwich village to Clerkenwell...

Like this Liz Greene quote:

Crucifixion is an image of Neptune's imprisonment in the world of Saturn, whose astrological glyph is the lunar crescent (the soul) surmounted by a cross. But if the sentence is patiently served, with full acknowledgement of the offence, then it is also the gateway to return.

Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Bebo famous

My teenager came home crying for the umpteenth night in a row. She hates school. What to do? She starts GCSE's next year...Can I home educate her? I can't do maths or science. I could probably hire a tutor for those. And all the other subjects she's interested conspiracy theories (can you get a job in that?), philosophy, and...hairdressing. Well it's a trade isn't it?
Won't send her to a sink comp. Trouble is it's isolating for an only child not to be at school.
She and her Wimbledon friend are addicted to Bebo, a social networking site for the younger crowd. Narcissism and self-exhibition are rife, they spend hours taking photo's of themselves. One of the self-portrait fashions is to wear dust-masks, which is frankly quite S&M. But this is a fashion started in Japan, home of the Harajuku kids, and it is common to wear dust masks to prevent catching colds on the crowded streets and trains. Her Wimbledon friend is 'Bebo famous' and knows many of the Bridgend suicides... There are also 'beauty groups' where you either get invited or you ask to join... you put your picture up and say "join?' and then they either choose you or not. Some of the beauty groups are only for Bebo-famous people, the 15 most known girls such as Doogle, MikkiMurder, TechnoStar, KandehTragic, KittyConi, Piratehooker. They wear tons of makeup and often only show one eye. You must have dyed hair and be emo, scene kid, metalface (loads of piercings). These people have fan groups. One of my teenager's friends who comes from a 'BCBG' conventional French family, well her user name is Yourawhore. Wonder what her parents would make of that!
One of the main rules is that you can't spell anything normally... gay becomes ghey, for instance

Not in front of the kids

Dvd says cuntionary not dictionary, makes me laugh. John came round and we discussed whether I am dom or sub, still confused but worth exploring. He said a beautiful phrase, the sub is stronger because they say to the dom "I will do anything you want that I let you make me do". We will go to a fetish party at Glastonbury soon. "Hows that work?" I ask "Does everyone wear green rubber wellies? " John makes a successful line in eco fetish wear using recycled inner tubes...
A few years ago when I went to Torture Garden, my parents babysat. As I regaled them in the morning with tales of fist fucking on crucifixes (not me, I hasten to add, I was just a voyeur), thinking that they would be interested in this sub-culture, my parents freaked and threatened to call Social Services and have my child taken away if I went again. (I was always one of those teenagers that told my mum everything, absolutely everything. She was like, can't you be more secretive? please?)
Worrying about talking out of turn in front of my teenager, she coolly announces that she and all her mates have a viral on their phones...two girls and a cup...coprophilia. This new generation...unshockable...

Monday, 24 March 2008

The other Boleyn Girl

What a bloody awful film. I mean, they weren't exactly wearing hair gel, à la U.S. import The Tudors but it wasn't far off. Scarlett Johannsen looking somewhat as my teenager would say "butters" (butt ugly) and Natalie Portman overacting as Anne Boleyn. No one will surpass Dorothy Tutin in this role or her runner up, Genevieve Bujold
The history was dodgy. I've read the book, which is not bad, but basically treats the accusations made against Anne Boleyn at her trial,such as incest and witchcraft, as true. Marie-Antoinette was accused of incest with her own son, the dauphin, so it's a familiar charge when people become scapegoats. I get annoyed as Anne Boleyn is a childhood heroine of mine. She refused to have sex with Henry VIII for 3 years before she finally turn down a king, what courage!
Outside teenagers in tents...what? They've been camping for 24 hours in the street, in this snow, to see a Japanese rock group, or 'J-rock' as it's apparently known. I listened to some and it's a bit bubblegum for my taste. 

Sunday, 23 March 2008

The Orphanage

a film on the theme du jour, a missing child. The leading actress is a rail- thin Kate McCann lookalike, her patron saint is St. Anthony, a portuguese saint for the 'missing'. Why didn't the police search the basement?
Strange equinox: intense, something is in the air... last night a squat party in Hackney. Our band played. We are like family, we bicker but we've bonded. After playing, we danced crazily, taking over the dance floor, my teenager, her Wimbledon friend (who is also a vernal equinox birthday) and I, with about 30 members of the band to the next group, a gritty gypsy folk trio. Saw lots of old friends, Naked John from the Naked protest, who has recently been employed as cloakroom boy at a naked disco. Doing cloakroom duty at this sort of event requires more than just a few coat hangers..."It's like a warehouse back there" explained John "black plastic rubbish bags full of clothes which we have to keep carefully labelled or things could get serious afterwards".
The bar was kept by Dvd, my favourite Jewish scholar, who is the only bloke, gay of course, who I have taken with me to an 'internal' with a doctor. I always feel gay men need education in these matters. Just cos they only shag men doesn't mean they should get away with not knowing about the stuff of life, procreation and all that. A few years ago, Dvd and I drove around in my French farmer's van, with my miscarried baby's body in a jiffy bag on the floor, me sobbing while he trilled Thoroughly Modern Millie (he's got a Big Theory involving the holocaust I believe, about that musical, which I must write about sometime). That particular baby, Forest, is now in my back garden, under a bird feeding table and also caught under a snow drift in a compost heap in Les Voges. My missing child, one of many...their ghosts, 3 of them, is it fanciful of me to imagine that they accompany their mother on her travels? The things I have done, my female stories of war, my battle scars, my grief remembered but this is spring and we must fete the living...
My teenager is 14 today so we celebrated with sushi and horror...I bought her a couple of books "God is not great" by Christopher Hitchens and "The selfish capitalist" by Oliver James. Gotta counteract her strictly mainstream education somehow...also we are reading a book on fractals written by a friend...
The Mandelbrot set looks like one of those magnified photos of dust mite that's what it all boils down to? Dust?

Saturday, 22 March 2008

Dead Can Dance to the vernal equinox

Years ago I photographed Lisa Gerrard of Dead can Dance, never heard their music though. Did some really nice pictures of her which I'll post up sometime, when I find them...
Last night listened to their whole oeuvre and Lisa Gerrard's solo stuff... amazing. She can sound Indian or African or medieval...
Really atmospheric. Especially while roasting in front of a black iron fire graven with hieroglyphs, apples, and globes...
What a full-on spring solstice it's been... head and heart wrecked...friendships erased, new ones begun...humiliations suffered, eyes opened to duplicity...

I remember Howard Sasportas, my much-missed astrologer, who died, talking about Ereshkigal and Inanna, tales of the underworld...
Drinking Lazy Lizard red wine to the cosmic hum of the full moon...
My teenager ensconced in Wimbledon for the weekend, me alone in Clerkenwell...
Later, walking along Islington High St feeling unloved and sorry for myself, I saw an old woman outside a charity shop, in a wheelchair. Homeless person, I thought. On closer inspection, I realised it was my friend from Rhythms of Resistance. Two years ago, this woman was a surdo player, an activist, an initiator, an organiser, a blonde husky voiced strong woman who could still 'pull' ... turned out the huskiness of her voice was an initial symptom of Motor Neurone disease.. the same thing that Stephen Hawking has. Then she started to drag one leg a little... I remember being with her, when we played the Tolpuddle Martyrs festival, and trying to hold back the tears while she confessed "I'm so scared" whispering " I don't know what I've got but it doesn't look good". Now she cannot speak at all, she has to communicate through a little computer. Her long blonde hair is grey, her teeth stained and her face lined. She cannot eat spicy or hard foods.
Her friend and her were looking for a place to eat in Islington that has ground level access and a disabled toilet. Very difficult.
Further along The Angel, Chapel Market, I saw Trine, Danish siren of the band. "Hello Trine", I said, "How are you?" She made to walk straight past me, and at the very last minute fixed me with a stony stare bleating out one syllable 'good', then walked on. Sheesh. What a nutter! Beautiful, with chiseled Scandinavian cheekbones, but completely barking. Poor Scorpio's...( I always remember people's signs)

Thursday, 20 March 2008

Heather Mills

as in sneaking admiration for... she's nutty and brave! Bunny boilers, a much-maligned and exclusively female section of society (male retort to being caught out! if you read your Susan Faludi). Men are hunters, predators, go-getters, attractively forceful and determined, women who exhibit similar behaviour should be ridiculed or sectioned.
Musing upon this, I remember as a child on a French farm, admiring and stroking a bunny and then reeling with surprise as I witnessed the farmer's wife grab it, knock it on the head, slit the skin around the middle, and with her husband, strip the carcass of it's skin by pulling at either end, as if they were taking off it's pyjamas.

Wednesday, 19 March 2008


My teenager will be 14 on the 23rd of March, better make another cake! My solstice baby...
13 is such an important number, the number of moons per year, an unlucky number in the UK but lucky in France. In the hospital, I was in bed 13.
13 traditional age to start menstruation? (Although girls start earlier now, with better nutrition and higher fat foods...)
13 fairies in Sleeping Beauty. The last one wasn't invited so she "cursed" Sleeping Beauty, and turned up to 'awaken' her when she was 16? to prick her finger... a blood ceremony...
Speaking of which I'm clearly on a full moon cycle, new moon ovulation which is the wrong way round.

Monday, 17 March 2008


The eponymous title and heroine of this film brings the asteroid Juno into the public gaze. My teenager and I loved the film (although I was hoping that it wasn't too influential!). I felt that giving up the baby was unrealistically 'easy' and the protagonists parents would have taken care of the baby in real life. This film is perhaps upsetting for adopted children especially as Juno ends up with the father, may continue to marry him and have children with him later in life. For adoptees, discovering that their birth parents went onto marry and keep their other children is very difficult...'Why not me?'

In astrology Juno...
"is also known as Hera, has attributes similar to those of Venus, but whereas Venus is the initial attraction or infatuation, Juno is about the commitment that may or may not follow. It relates to marriage and partnerships, and can indicate by the sign it is posited in the kind of qualities admired in another person. It is representative of attraction, receptivity and compatibility with others. It is the wife or the woman's role in an intimate relationship.
Wherever you find Juno in the birthchart is where you will find indications of where you are most likely to meet someone with whom you may have a long-term, committed relationship."

However Britney Spears had major Juno transits at the beginning of her crazy period: the kiss with Madonna, the brief Las Vegas marriage and also her marriage to Fed-ex.

Keywords and what it rules:
Abuse (by spouse), agreements, atmosphere, attraction, compatibility, contracts, divorce, fairness, fear of abandonment, flowers, infidelity, jealousy, marriage, partnership, possessiveness, receptivity, separation, soul mate, trust, vulnerability, weather, wife

So maybe the film should have been called 'Ceres' instead which rules children and nurturing but that doesn't have quite such a ring about it does it?
In the film Juno is (unusually) abandoned by her birth mother and lives with her father and (for once not wicked) step-mother. Juno goes on to complete this pattern by effectively abandoning her own child to a not so wicked step-mother.

Note that June, the month when most couples get married, is named after Juno. Her festival on March 1st is called Matronalia (love that name) and was the first day of the new year prior to the Julian calendar.

Astronomically Juno was originally considered a planet, along with 1 Ceres, 2 Pallas, and 4 Vesta. It was re-classified as an asteroid, with the other three, when many more additional asteroids were discovered.

Saturday, 15 March 2008

Drumming out the blues

Spent 3 hours doing a 5 mile anti-war march with Barking Batteria and Rythms of resistance from Trafalagar square over the river to finish at Westminster. I played a large heavy surdo, which is a real physical effort but the vibe of playing with 60 drummers is amazing. I delve into my inner boudicca...and thump that thing for all i'm worth.
We shook our fists at Parliament. Wierd creatures crawled on the ground. Brian Haw peeked out from his tent. Impromptu parties throbbed...
FIT didn't call my name (, which they have in the past, I'm just an ordinary peace demonstrator...

blackfriars pub

Well worth visiting. Only art nouveau pub in London. Full of marble, golden mosaics and phrases cut in stone. Area previously home to Dominican monks.

watkins book shop

This week I visited my favourite book shop in Diagon Alley, Watkins, the home of esoteric writings, cult theorists, conspiracies, astrology books...etc. I can spend hours there...
I have dreams of owning a bookshop/gallery/cafe by the sea one of these days.
I also attended the press showing of an exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery "Blue stocking ladies" portraits of intellectual women of the 18th century. Frankly the portraits were dull and stolid, imitations of the male pose, the man of letters etc. But the great thing about going to press openings is you get to hear the curator talk about the paintings, why they were chosen and their provenance.

Monday, 10 March 2008

There will be blood...

This film contains a tour de force performance by Daniel Day Lewis, who acts as if a man possessed... My theory is that anyone who dribbles on screen is automatically given an Oscar, snotty noses count too!
Spent some time in The National Gallery, where I viewed some of my old faves, The Ambassadors by Holbein fils, The Arnolfini marriage, the Wilton diptych.
The Ambassadors is intriguing in part because of the anamorphism of a skull in the lower front section of the painting. The shelves upon which the French ambassador, Jean de Dinteville, and his friend Georges de Selve, the bishop of Lavaur are leaning are split into heaven and earth. The top shelf contains an astrolabe and instruments for calculating the stars, while upon the bottom shelf rest symbols of earthly pleasure; music, writing and a drawing instrument. The green of the curtain behind them puts me in mind of another of my obsessions, Mary Magdalene, who is represented in art via her green cloak as opposed to the heavenly blue cloak of Mary the mother. Green was the colour of prostitution, in Tudor times, not red as it is nowadays. If you wore a green skirt or had 'Greensleeves' you were available for sex, the green of your skirt better able to hide the grass stains...
'Greensleeves' was supposedly composed by Henry VIII for Anne Boleyn, another one of my historical character obsessions, this time from childhood. Others include Napoleon (1992-3), the aforementioned Mary Magdalene (2005-7), Marie Antoinette (2007), Frida Kahlo (1994-5).
2005-6 I did a pilgrimage connected to Mary Magdalene, inspired by Laurence Gardner. After a visit to Glastonbury and Avebury for the solstice I moved onto St. Maximim-La Sainte Baume, Provence, where I just happened to turn up on her feast day, fortunately on the one day a year when her golden skull is on display in the cathedral. My parents had just bought a house about 45 minutes away from St. Maximim where I put my teenager into the local collège and stayed for the year. To occupy myself during that year in France I intended to do a Masters in History of Art concentrating on Magdalene imagery at Aix en Provence but the 5 hour round trip from where I was living defeated me.
I followed this up with trips to Rennes le chateau and the Rosslyn chapel, the same year. The Rosslyn chapel visit coincided with my participation in the anti-G8 camp in Stirling near Gleneagles. I took the day off from bringing down the government (lol), to do a bit of sight seeing, much to the disapproval of more dedicated activists.
Other pilgrimages: 2007 I finally made it to see Frida Kahlo's house in Mexico city. I arrived at her house coincidentally on the day of the 100th anniversary of her death. How I've sobbed for that woman in the past. Going there though does put the person into perspective...some of her seemingly strange costumes are in fact direct copies of folklore costume still worn.
The Napolean obsession was exorcised by visits to Elba and Corsica as well as parts of Paris. St Helena was a bit too far.

Sunday, 9 March 2008

Note to self: Start being an arsehole

Tired of being nice, polite, dutiful and sensitive to others. It's only making me unhappy. New books out give the following advice: 
Gryzb and Chandler's 10-step guide to getting tough
1. Don't smile
Smiling gives someone permission to think you don't really mean what you say as you have this big grin on your face. Women in particular smile too much.(Women are particularly prone to this. Lynda Laplante's notes to Helen Mirren's on how to play the lead in Prime Suspect; don't smile.)
2. Stand your ground
Backing off is wishy-washy. Standing your ground gives weight to your intention. This means both physically and verbally
3. Tell the truth
Let the other person know what you are feeling. Let them know you aren't comfortable with what they are doing
4. Agree when it's unexpected
If someone tells you you're being silly, agree. They have no place to go after that. "You're a bit touchy." "You're right, I am." It takes the wind out of their sails
5. Don't point fingers
If you intend to tell someone you don't like their behaviour, start sentences with how you feel, not what's wrong with them. Pointing an accusatory finger will only make them more defensive
6. Make up a list of handy excuses
This will get you out of situations long enough to see clearly what's going on before you put yourself back in the fray
7. Change your mind whenever you want to
You have the right to change your mind, whether it's two minutes, two hours or two months after the fact. There will be times when you don't want to honour your commitments(Now this one I have a real problem with...brought up to believe a promise is a promise).
8. Keep things short and sweet
Gabbling won't help, it just gives the other person rope to hang you with
9. Don't engage
Never apologise or explain. Don't supply fuel for someone to use against you
10. Get your 'no' in quickly
Set your marker right at the beginning of the discussion. You can always change your mind later, but if you say it fast, it's out on the table and can't be ignored
Well to illustrate this advice here's a picture of a woman who probably had no problem with the above. A libran, with moon conjunct neptune (as many great politicians do). Remember a libran is just a polite scorpio.

Hilary Clinton

Been having a look at her chart...all along I've been stunned at how the media have talked up Barack Obama and dismissed her.
Years ago I heard a quote by some prominent commentator that the American people would rather have a black man as a president than a woman.
It's gonna be a rough ride but I believe that she will be the first female president. I've set her birth time for 8 am which I know is controversial but that's the time her mother said she was born! This gives her a scorpio ascendant and many planets including her sun in the 12th. To be in the limelight is a struggle for her actually...
It's Hillary's turn. America doesn't like her much, she's too intense...but they respect her grit and determination.
July '08: We obviously now know that Hilary did not get the Democratic nomination. However it ain't over till it's over... Also as most astrologers pointed out, both sides were very cagey with their astrological details in case we let the cat out of the bag...
I must admit that I am disappointed that she didn't win. 

Saturday, 8 March 2008


Trogging around Ikea on a Saturday night, feeling like a saddo. Well I'm obviously not the only saddo with an Ikea date on a Saturday night...saw the twins from BB8. Charming and very pretty in the flesh. "Oooh Pink! " they squealed, scampering into a Cindy-doll kitchen room set. 
This is not my only sleb sighting in the flat pack heaven...saw Latoya Jackson in Paris Ikea once!

Thursday, 6 March 2008

When I worked for the NME...

In the 80's I did 2 photographic sessions with Morrissey. The first was curtailed after a very short time as Morrissey wasn't feeling well. In fact one of my pictures is him with a bottle of cough mixture. I was a fan, I had bought 'This Charming Man' as a 12" and I knew that he was gay. Nevertheless you couldn't help but fall in love with him. He was so kind, sensitive and gentle even to a rookie girl photographer such as myself. The session went well, I shot everything in B/W TriX, none of this digital bollocks. The pictures have been used extensively. Still it's always a struggle to make a living as a photographer and your back catalogue is basically your pension.
I have recently been alerted to the fact that a site named forevill had reproduced the entire session and was enabling the pictures to be sent as ecards! I emailed the author of this site, the intriguingly named ComtesseD'espair who replied "Hey! I love your pictures - they are probably the greatest pictures ever taken of Morrissey, and I love to share them with other fans. They are all fully credited to you, and your copyright is on them. The site is for fans only, no money is being made by anyone. We just love to look at Mozzer!"
While I appreciate the compliment, that's the whole point: 'no money is being made by anyone'. Not even me. And I do have a kid to feed, keep in ipods ect.
Two weeks ago I realised that someone had set up a fan site for the vile Nancy Spungen. I took one of the last pictures of her with Sid Vicious, a month before Sid stabbed her. Sid was playing at the Electric Ballroom as a solo artist and all of the punk luminaries were there: The Pistols, The Damned, Joan Jett (difficult bitch), Marilyn, the Slits (my fave girl group ever)... I've recently been sorting out and scanning my analogue photo files, and came across the contacts for this occasion.
My picture of the doomed couple was splashed on the front of the Evening Standard when Nancy was killed. Bad for her, but a chance for me, my first front page!

Anyway this fan site again had enabled a jpeg to open up, meaning anyone could copy the picture. I emailed the author who was suitably apologetic so I allowed her to use a thumbnail for free as long as it had a link to my music picture library. I also said to her "Why are you doing a fan site on Nancy Spungeon? I used to see her around the clubs and everybody hated her. She was really unpleasant and a bit frightening." Turns out the fan is..."Not a fan, and I hope no one else is either. I just find her life interesting, and as a young teenager a lot of girls identify with her unfortunately... I suppose it's the "misunderstood" and the anger thing. I hope my website doesn't glorify her too much, that's not my purpose." What an awful thought, young American women admiring Nancy Spungeon.
Without indulging in too much schadenfreude, it does warm the cockles when ex-pop stars kick the bucket and I just happen to have some good piccies of them in my library. The exception is Kirsty MacColl, a talented musician and mother of whom I was very proud to take some very flattering pictures, some of the nicest around, even if I say so myself.
Another punk credential I possess was that I was in the Clash film. I just happened to be hanging around Clerkenwell Magistrates court taking pictures when Mick Jones, Topper Headon and Paul Simonon (accompanied by his older woman rock-chick girlfriend Caroline Coon) rolled up accused of shooting pigeons with an illegal air gun. A crew were following them around and I suppose as I was quite unusual myself, a teenage punk photographer with a blonde spikey haircut, I ended up in the footage. I cannot remember if Joe Strummer was there but I subsequently learnt that he shared my passion for sitting around fires...

Tuesday, 4 March 2008

forfeiture and subsidence

Saturn transiting pluto right now in my chart. Saturn is associated with the earth signs, pluto with the underworld, roots, literally foundations crumbling. When I have worked professionally as an astrologer (something I no longer do as I experienced burnout from doing too many charts and I feel uncomfortable charging for it), people always come to me when they have Saturn transits. Saturn manifests itself as solid events, generally difficult ones but this is always productive in the end. So my flat has subsidence and is now being sorted out after a 2 1/2 year wait. At times I've felt the plutonian darkness creeping through the a year and a half ago I decided not to avoid but to confront head on the problems with my property. This led to a court case with my freeholder, which I basically lost, numerous protracted negotiations with the insurers (very 7 and 8th house, open enemies, other peoples money), some of which I won, culminating in this 'Should I stay or should I go?' moment.
Horary astrology, along with mundane astrology, is the most interesting and arcane art which I have never mastered. My mother, a powerful witch, can do the horary stuff, using only the old planets, the fixed stars, and the arabian parts. I await the right moment to ask her the question.
The flat has been cleared of all furniture and is again the blank canvas I fell in love with at first sight. Now to deal with the builders... lyrical Irish Jim the chippie, whose eyes never leave my chest... " you're looking lovely today!" he will remark, unprofessionally!

Sunday, 2 March 2008


Attended the closed circle meeting, again an interesting experience which always leaves me feeling exhausted. One medium, a cheeky chappie cockney named Sells, has been receiving communications from the other side since childhood. His persona is completely at odds with what one would imagine a psychic/medium to be. He jokes, drinks beer, then gazes with lively blue eyes into the distance " Oh theres one sitting over there in the corner!" he'll remark, without any of the usual intensity and other worldliness associated with these people. Imagine Tommy Steele communing with the spirits and you've got the idea. Sitting around the pub, most of whose live inhabitants look like they were chosen from central casting, are characters; the white bearded fisherman type with an eyepatch, the long faced modigliani woman staring ahead with straight grey centre parted hair, the ex army major with a handle bar moustache guiding his wife by the elbow to the dark stained bar for a 'sherry'.
Sells, again, dancing eyes with a little smile playing around his lips, speaks again" there was a bomb here, people were killed, was there a tram in Highgate?". He says he gets tugs at his sleeve, low down if its a child, a bear hug if it was a big man. He is clairvoyant not clairaudient, and sees rather than hears the ghosts. He tells us to distrust any trance medium, they are all frauds, he says.
I ask him about the McCanns case and he agrees with me that Madeleine "has passed" and thats she's in Portugal. He doesn't believe her body will ever be found. He says he doesn't interfere unless asked by the police. He has worked on a couple of cases in the UK but stopped after being threatened by the "underworld". In Battersea there is room 909, where the 100 mediums currently employed by the police, report. They used to be paid in cash but are still not acknowledged. His friend Lorraine found Holly and Jessica's bodies, he said, but the police made out it was a couple of walkers. Lorraine 'saw' the location and described it perfectly to the police, the stream, the green bottles, a wooden gate.

He talked also about Helen Duncan, the medium jailed for revealing that a ship had sunk during WWII, an affair known as the last witch trial. "This is the true story of a woman sent to prison accused of being a witch when she was a well-known and proven psychic. During WWII Helen's accurate 'death notices' were verified countless times. When she materialized the full form of a sailor with the name H.M.S. BARHAM on his cap, a ship which the English government denied had been sunk; she was arrested and jailed as a spy and then a witch. Even after she was proven correct, she was held as a witch. " A website is devoted to securing her pardon, even now.

Saturday, 1 March 2008

Jane Birkin at the Roundhouse.

She doesn't look 60, more like 40, this slim grandmother in her combat trousers, simple grey v neck and no makeup on her face. Jane Birkin sings with lightness, grace and modesty. True, she doesn't have much of a voice but it's tinyness is all part of her charm. For the encore she sang "Je suis venue te dire que je m'en vais" with a tear in her eye. I was living in France when Serge Gainsbourg died. I remember the video of this song that Jane sang in his memory, constantly rotating on the TV channel 'la cinq'.
This concert at the Roundhouse was more like a trip to the theatre than a gig and all of her musicians took a bow together at the end like a theatre troupe. This singer 'interpreted' the songs, sometimes literally...Jane sings and talks sometimes in English, sometimes in French, sometimes changing language in the middle of a sentence. This is a habit that English ex-pats adopt in France, of using 'le mot juste', the right word, whatever the language.
At the end, Jane effusively thanked everybody involved including Hermés who sponsored this one night concert. Of course it was Jane Birkin that inspired the famous 'Birkin bag' by Hermés, which, if you want to buy one, costs a fortune (thousands) and you must wait months, even years to obtain it.

On ne dirait pas 60 ans, plutot 40, ce grandmere mince qui porte des pantalons 'combat', une pulle grise, et une visage nue de maquillage. Jane Birkin chante avec une legereté, une grace et une allure modeste. Vrai, elle ne possede qu'une petite voix mais cela ajoute à sa charme. Pour l'encore elle a chanté 'Je suis venue te dire que je m'en vais' avec une larme à l'oeil. Je vivais encore en france quand Serge Gainsbourg est mort. Je me souviens de cette chanson de Jane, consacrée au memoire de Serge, dans le clip qui tournait sans cesse sur 'la cinq'. Ce concert au Roundhouse fut plutot une pièce de théatre, avec la troupe de musiciens qui s'inclinaient ensemble à la fin et une chanteuse qui s'interpretait dans le sens vrai ses chansons. Jane chantait et parlait parfois en anglais, parfois en francais, changeant de language quelquefois au milieu d'une phrase, tant qu'elle a l'habitude des anglais en france (dont je me rappelle bien) d'utiliser le mot juste quoique la langue. Elle a beaucoup remercié tout le monde, inclus Hermés, qui a soutenu ce concert d'une soirée seulement. Bien sur, ceci est Jane Birkin, du sac celebre "Birkin bag" par Hermés ce que pour l'obtenir l'on doit patienter des mois, meme des années, sur une liste d'attente. `