Tuesday, 4 March 2008

forfeiture and subsidence

Saturn transiting pluto right now in my chart. Saturn is associated with the earth signs, pluto with the underworld, roots, literally foundations crumbling. When I have worked professionally as an astrologer (something I no longer do as I experienced burnout from doing too many charts and I feel uncomfortable charging for it), people always come to me when they have Saturn transits. Saturn manifests itself as solid events, generally difficult ones but this is always productive in the end. So my flat has subsidence and is now being sorted out after a 2 1/2 year wait. At times I've felt the plutonian darkness creeping through the cracks...so a year and a half ago I decided not to avoid but to confront head on the problems with my property. This led to a court case with my freeholder, which I basically lost, numerous protracted negotiations with the insurers (very 7 and 8th house, open enemies, other peoples money), some of which I won, culminating in this 'Should I stay or should I go?' moment.
Horary astrology, along with mundane astrology, is the most interesting and arcane art which I have never mastered. My mother, a powerful witch, can do the horary stuff, using only the old planets, the fixed stars, and the arabian parts. I await the right moment to ask her the question.
The flat has been cleared of all furniture and is again the blank canvas I fell in love with at first sight. Now to deal with the builders... lyrical Irish Jim the chippie, whose eyes never leave my chest... " you're looking lovely today!" he will remark, unprofessionally!

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