Sunday, 9 March 2008

Hilary Clinton

Been having a look at her chart...all along I've been stunned at how the media have talked up Barack Obama and dismissed her.
Years ago I heard a quote by some prominent commentator that the American people would rather have a black man as a president than a woman.
It's gonna be a rough ride but I believe that she will be the first female president. I've set her birth time for 8 am which I know is controversial but that's the time her mother said she was born! This gives her a scorpio ascendant and many planets including her sun in the 12th. To be in the limelight is a struggle for her actually...
It's Hillary's turn. America doesn't like her much, she's too intense...but they respect her grit and determination.
July '08: We obviously now know that Hilary did not get the Democratic nomination. However it ain't over till it's over... Also as most astrologers pointed out, both sides were very cagey with their astrological details in case we let the cat out of the bag...
I must admit that I am disappointed that she didn't win. 

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