Monday, 31 March 2008

Mathew Delooze continued, his message...

"Today I'd like to try to explain that the masses are victims of hypnosis. I know you find that hard to believe. Hypnosis works on many levels. You are being hypnotised every single day of the year.
(whispers behind me "control")
We are being hypnotised to worship and respect energies in other dimensions.
The serpent cult is a force that has dumbed us down and wiped away our memories.
For instance a charming young man can hypnotise any young lady to sleep with him if he has the gift of the gab, it's the same thing.
We are farmed to produced energy.
We have been unable to understand that we have been prisoners for many lifetimes. We do not really die. We have been deceived on many levels of consciousness.
The time is coming.
We don't even know we are carrying out rituals.
He then shows pictures of the Queen, Bush and the pope.
They are examples of deceptive agents of the serpent cult"(many murmurs of agreement)
"These people love living in this world, they reincarnate again and again into this life as these roles. They set the rules.
Baptism for instance: the parents are making a promise for that baby that it will bow down to these people until it leaves this world. To bow down to god.
We are forced to make spiritual promises from birth.
Occult symbolism and ambiguous words are used. We vow to obey anything put in writing by a god.
We are bullied into saying prayers and hymn singing . The lords prayer being the most frequent."
Delooze mentions that he had a difficult childhood and was put into a care home. He was a choirboy.
 We have rituals at Christmas, such as obey Santa if you want presents. We undergo enforced emotion. Easter is another one, we buy Easter eggs, we don't know why we are doing it, we just do it. We are continuously celebrating the cycle of the sun.
Another ritual, marriage: you promise to obey.
Even when you die: binding oaths are made on our behalf at the time of our death too. When someone dies you are sending them to be a servant of the Sun god, and condemning them to that for the next life also.
Lets look at the lords prayer.
 "Our father which art in heaven
for thine is the kingdom, the power, and the glory for ever and ever" says it all doesn't it?
Amen.... does not mean 'so be it'.
Amen means the sun Amen-ra. It's slipped into many religions, Jew or Muslim or Christian, all the time amen is mentioned.
Delooze is a little nervous, but this is an important point.
"Amen ra (amun) is an ancient sun deity "o amen, o amen, who art in heaven" is from the Egyptian book of the dead written long before Jesus.
Amun was known as the hidden one and god of many names...
(shows a graven image of Amun , Egyptian god with two points on head).
"They are pissing themselves because we do this, the fourth dimensional beings are laughing at us apes changing this name."
Shows picture of Madonna, the pop star : "We are entranced into worshipping symbolic celebrities. We are hypnotised with ambiguous lyrics with songs we cannot get out of our heads."
(shows picture of Madonna, with image of sun goddess behind her).
"the same thing happens in movies. Look at the Superman sign. That is a snake in fact. Most major blockbuster movies contain occult symbolism and subliminal messages.
Rocky, he's made 6 films, there is an extraction of spiritual energy through movies."
(shows clips) "How many emotions can you feel in such a short time?"
"Live 8 concert... it's another example of extraction of spiritual energy.
How powerful would it be if everybody got to feel emotion about the same thing? One of the easiest ways to explain energy being collected.
The Eden project... rich in symbolisms
Versailles...the sun god (Louis XIV the Sun King)?
UK Hyde park...
'Rocky' is often pictured in worship pose.
A museum is a sun temple, architecture and landscape planning such as the Benjamin Franklin Parkway in Philadelphia, energy lines created purposely by Illuminati. (shows photo of Benjamin Franklin Parkway).
'Rocky' is showing respect to founding fathers of America.
Same thing at the Champs Elysee in Paris, it's one big energy line.(shows pictures) The louvre, its pyramid. So many ancient monuments in there capable of passing on energy.
The Atomium in Brussels another good example of symbolic monuments placed under our noses. But it's a Sun god monument.
People were attracted thousands of years ago to Egyptian pyramids. Nothings has changed. 
There is hypnotic occult symbolism all around us.
Now I'm going to talk about the Ferris wheel.
(picture of Blackpool Ferris wheel) The pyramid and the circle represent the ancient benben storm? that rose out of the water in chaos. The chaos , the black water of the sea, ...
There are now Ferris wheels in Paris, in London. In the middle of the Paris one you've got the 3000 year old obelisk in the middle of the Ferris wheel.
They are building Ferris wheels everywhere.
It's hypnotic symbolism. The Ferris wheel was created at a world fair.
The same thing happens at festivals like Glastonbury...the pyramid stage. This festival is at summer solstice. Is it coincidence?
This positive power is used against us.
The energy of the crowd is fed through the pyramid and to the 4th dimensional people.
Another example: this snake suited chappy is called sunny, the sun and the serpent, it represents a children's charity.
We are being conned and tranced into carrying things out in our normal lives.
New years eve, Big Ben,  the Ferris wheel, the fireworks. Millions of people see this video. It's 2008(shows video clip of New Year celebrations in London) . A giant obelisk, Big benben. The London eye, a Ferris wheel. a ritual that's being carried out. The energy created there is going through the monument.
The London eye loses 50 million pounds a year so why is it there?
People are giving their free wheel energy. That's why."


  1. Hi Marmite-lover. Glad you had a safe journey home. You're report looks interesting. I got home at 2PM today, absolutely exhausted and suffering from my ususal "post-Probe blues". (It'll wear off in a day or two.) I'm planning my own report, but it won't be ready until tomorrow sometimes.

    Take care,


  2. thanks ben, absolutely shattered myself too. am gradually posting up my notes but am feeling kinda tripped out.
    will be interested to see what you write...

  3. hello 'marm' (for short)
    thats a pretty good write up cockle.Very humourous in parts.
    I couldn't be arsed doing the jiggin about session either but each to their own.....
    The chips you got weren't proper northern chips (some scammer ripping tourists off)...
    the landlady of the carlton who treated you badly is not northern.. god forbid a northerner acting like that... I am sure a true northerner would have stole your chips off you and rifled through your handbag before chucking you out!.....
    I think Ben fairhall rang Jean up and told her you hadn't paid but don't tell him I grassed him up....:)
    you may be right about the icke creating 'messiahs' via their own mid life crisis situations... I might suffer from Ickeophrenia (couldn't cope with a mid life crisis)...:)
    ..enjoyed the little drinky poos we had in the quiet Admiral.

    hope to be and see you at probe again. (i'll tell jean you didn't pay this time1)

    Lots of love to you Marm.

  4. you should be a stand up comedian matthew rather than a messiah, you crack me up!

  5. First of all i agree with Matthew I don't follow any religion for many years i used to lock the door at Christmas and not come out till the new year ! well January first in their calender's,events like Glastonbury or football matches i have always avoided like the plague ,a lot of the time I spend alone in deserts and jungles yet i am a Sun gazer any thoughts ,,, :)

  6. Hi,
    Do you know where Matt is now or how he is?
    I am also looking for some of his writings, I saved a lot butnow the sie is down, it expired just two weeks ago. Do you know if it is possible to revive it from outside if we have the tech info of the site?
    Much love


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