Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Not in front of the kids

Dvd says cuntionary not dictionary, makes me laugh. John came round and we discussed whether I am dom or sub, still confused but worth exploring. He said a beautiful phrase, the sub is stronger because they say to the dom "I will do anything you want that I let you make me do". We will go to a fetish party at Glastonbury soon. "Hows that work?" I ask "Does everyone wear green rubber wellies? " John makes a successful line in eco fetish wear using recycled inner tubes...
A few years ago when I went to Torture Garden, my parents babysat. As I regaled them in the morning with tales of fist fucking on crucifixes (not me, I hasten to add, I was just a voyeur), thinking that they would be interested in this sub-culture, my parents freaked and threatened to call Social Services and have my child taken away if I went again. (I was always one of those teenagers that told my mum everything, absolutely everything. She was like, can't you be more secretive? please?)
Worrying about talking out of turn in front of my teenager, she coolly announces that she and all her mates have a viral on their phones...two girls and a cup...coprophilia. This new generation...unshockable...

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