Friday, 28 March 2008

socpa repealed

Good news. The efforts of Brian Haw and others means that the government is repealing parts of the SOCPA law (Serious Organised Crime and Police Act 2005) which prevented people from protesting within a mile of Parliament. 
The parents have returned from Greenwich village to Clerkenwell...

Like this Liz Greene quote:

Crucifixion is an image of Neptune's imprisonment in the world of Saturn, whose astrological glyph is the lunar crescent (the soul) surmounted by a cross. But if the sentence is patiently served, with full acknowledgement of the offence, then it is also the gateway to return.


  1. Unfortunately even when it's repealed they still plan to go after Brian Haw, see:

  2. Thanks for that information, bentham. I see that you are from Fitwatch...
    In the past I've actually had police on protests calling out my name which is a bit disturbing...especially after Fairford etc plus I'm fairly noticeable as I'm one of the few activists dragging around a kid!


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