Monday, 31 March 2008

ufo conf pt 2

The next speaker was David Cayton who talked to us about animal mutilations, attributed to alien autopsy. The lecture was entitled The Silent Killers. We had to sit through about an hour of horrific photographs showing mutilated sheep, a lamb with a teardrop shaped hole in it, a cow slit around the jaw. Some photos showed cow tongues cut at an angle. Many of these animals wounds seemed to be sealed or cauterised and frequently their organs had been extracted through the wound or the anus.The rectum area is often clean around the hole with a sealed edge. Professor Tony Fremont, pathologist at Manchester university is also interested in this phenomenon.
Mr Cayton spent £300 putting an ad in the Farmers Guardian asking for examples of strange animal attacks and received 12 calls from the Shetlands to Cornwall.
At one point he received a phone call from a woman at DEFRA (Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs) saying " Is this to do with the aliens, not that we are supposed to know anything about it?". (I then sent a text to my friend who is a press officer at Defra asking what she knew, and she denied all knowledge...only heard of big cat attacks).
Mr Cayton showed us an "anal dipstick" average length, 15" for cows and 51/2" for sheep.
One farmer told him that its been going on since 1958. RSPCA unofficially agree that it is aliens mutilating these animals, for the injuries differ from human criminal abuse, so it couldn't be satanic cults. The surgical procedures are too advanced and high tech to be human.
Trouble with this lecture is that after one photo of a tortured animal, well, you've seen 'em all. I felt like saying "OK mate we've got the picture now can you explain what's going on?". As a vegetarian, it was quite hard going.
Next up was my favourite speaker of the conference Matthew Delooze. Dressed in a white suit and fedora, he started tremulously, it being his first ever speaking engagement. He soon picked up speed and told us his story. At around the age of 40, Matthew underwent a spiritual awakening.
Now before I recount his talk I would like to talk about his chart, the details of which he has kindly given me. Firstly, he is sun conjunct moon in Pisces in the 12th house. This is pure compassion, pure connectedness with the mass unconscious. This man doesn't have a mean bone in his body. In fact his biggest problem is probably sensing other peoples pain and managing to keep himself sufficiently detached to function. The 12th house placement also denotes hospitals, prison and asylums.
Around the time of his revelation, he had the classic mid-life transit, Uranus opposition, which affects everyone at about 40. This is the divorce transit, the resigning from your job and chucking it all in transit. How it manifested itself in Matthews chart was a little different. Uranus entered his 11th house of groups and the future, meaning that his didn't just look after himself, he tuned into what was really going on out there in society. This opposed his natal Uranus in the 5th, which you could argue was a capacity for unusual creativity which had been suppressed up until this point. Matthew had worked in ordinary jobs in factories. Nothing too creative about that. He was also being mistreated by his somewhat sadistic manager.
The day of the revelation the manager asked Matthew to do something unreasonable. To clean an aeroplane, no less, with a bucket of water, up a ladder. Whilst up that ladder (how apt) Matthew, in his words: "I had to clean a machine, a huge machine. The manager gave me a bucket of water to clean it with. I had a choice. I thought of my family at home etc and I decided to go up the ladder, I didn't have the guts to jack in the job. At the top I wanted to jump off.
At that moment I got a massive shock which entered the top of my spinal cord, like I was having an electric shock. For a few minutes I was jabbering away about vipers. I dropped the bucket, water everywhere."
How Uranian is that? An electric shock! (Uranus rules electricity) At the height/depth of his despair, divine inspiration, a message from the outer planets...
"I descended the ladder and everybody thought I'd gone mad. After that the factory decided that I was a loony and they retired me for being a nutcase. To do this I had to go through the system, medical checks, GP's etc.
It's a twisted system, the people running it are insane, they will not listen.
So I was unemployed, with no future, and an embarrassment to my family and children.
The force I met up the ladder, though, my life has improved. It's been 11 years now. There's been a force that's been pushing me. Now I'm on stage. Before I would have been too scared. I've just come back from Colombia. I've been to Egypt, things I would never have done before."
This is Uranus opposition at its very best... a transformational experience that changes your whole life. It lifts you from the mundane, the routine and blasts you into the future, if you have the courage to let it. Obviously I am seeing this experience through the astrological perspective, others might believe he was contacted by extra-terrestrials, or had a VALIS experience, or even a religious conversion.
Matthew continues: "After this I regained memories of my childhood, alien abductions, visitations in my bedroom. I'm sure you've all heard these stories before. Other memories came back to me. The thing up the ladder was not a man having a nervous breakdown, it was a spiritual connection. To help other people and pass messages on.
I remembered things from many lives before. I feel that passing these messages on, will reawaken people. I'm not saying that I'm a messiah I'm just passing on the experiences that I went through. "

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