Sunday, 13 April 2008

Arabian nights

Sometimes I feel like Scheherazade, spinning my stories to entertain the Sultan... My weekend: The tapas 7 are being interviewed, wonder what will transpire from that. Saw the film Atonement on Friday night, nice colours, wierd clipped speeded up "Brief encounter" type dialogue. Attended a deaf people's march Saturday morning, supposedly with my band but unbeknownst to me they had cancelled. One of the reasons I wanted to play this protest is because of this rhythms of resistance account. Samba is directed by the maestre using hand signals and of course deaf people pick up on this language very quickly. This march was against Eugenics, in this case, removing the deaf gene. Animated hand talk all around me. Not even sure that I agree with the cause. What's so great about being deaf? Preserve the culture but still...
Saturday, Hackney Social Centre once more: first it was crap, dog on a string, brew-crew punks. Then dragged my teenager into a Clapton pub (great thing about going late they are all so pissed they don't notice when someone under-age is there). Met Dee, an old Kentwellian, from the Tudor recreation. She's now into the fetish scene and will be on the door at the Torture Garden birthday bash. Basically she likes any scene where she can wear an amazing costume, I've worked out. 
Returned to HSC, where a mind-blowing band called the Pinstickers were playing. They are a mix of early Slits and Prodigy. Two women caterwauling, one in green, the other in red, a rasta on bass, and a techno nerd on synth. The audience went wild, throwing themselves around with abandon, one couple practically having sex on stage. Fantastic stuff! Next to the speakers, I had tinnitus all the next day. 
Sunday: London Fetish Fair off Caledonian road where Dee has a stall. They were supposed to have this 'pony club' which I first heard about last summer in Miami. People pretend to be horses, get harnessed, drag around little carriages and wear horse tails! How very Pluto in Sagittarius, even though Pluto is now chugging back and forth at the beginning of Capricorn (hence Northern Rock bank run!)
I bought a black satin corset: I want to wear it all the time. You stand up straight and you are constricted and supported. Some lovely clothes there, beautifully cut little jackets with leg o' mutton sleeves and nipped in shoulders. Best scene was in the ladies; one beautiful girl trying on a leather corset, aided by boyfriend and some girls. The wizard bought a blue suede mini skirt with interesting ribbon effect on one side. It's gonna look good with his dreadlocks and his movie star face. Tea in Primrose Hill, whispering about my favourite subject into his ear whilst surrounded by pink and sedate couples.

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