Wednesday, 30 April 2008

builders and beltane

supposed to be having a party on Friday ...supposed to be having an Aga installed... supposed to have a floor down in the dining room... supposed to have some clean clothes...a clean flat... sunny May weather so we can enjoy the garden... a good time...optimism and happiness and Jupiterian expansive good feelings...
Aga men arrived a day early and a bit of it was broken...floor not arrived...can't unpack...cannot use the washing machine...can't find any clean knickers...whole flat covered in layer of's raining cats and palpitations...hate everybody anyway...feel on verge of tears all the!
Why do I do this to myself? Pile the pressure on...

A day later, Aga up and running, most of the dust cleaned up, still raining, but found knickers...but have twisted my ankle falling down the stairs while bossing builders about! 
Damn, high heels will be agony.


  1. At the risk of sounding fasecious, it's odd that "Aga" is the stem of the word "agony"! Hope you feel better soon, MM. I've just come back from the Beyond Knowledge Conference in Liverpool. I'm working on a full length report. Thanks for the invitation into the access group for your blog.

  2. That's very interesting Ben. Aga = agony.
    Seems appropriate considering the problems with Aga customer service that I have had since.
    Anyway spent the entire party agonising, yes that word again, why the man I fancied was ignoring me...but the food, I say it myself, was gorgeous.
    Baked mackerel
    Aubergine bake sprinkled with goats cheese
    Gratin Dauphinois with smoked salmon
    chickpea and coconut curry


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