Tuesday, 1 April 2008


Next speaker is Frank Willis, who is a northern bloke with long heavy-metal hair and bright blue eyes peeping out of a kindly bashed-in face. He speaks quietly, humbly, no motivational pyro-technics for him.
"I would just like to say straight away that I believe that that Dean Warwick was killed by a sonic weapon.. you can buy these weapons for 10 grand." (Claps and approval).
"Can you imagine a scenario where a group of people make drugs and then within 4 months, 3,500 thousand people die.
This happened 2 years ago with Glaxo-Kline. But then you get Leah Betts who allegedly died of ecstacy and people are still going on about it.
Everybody takes drugs" he pauses. "Everybody here takes drugs" he states controversially to this audience of old age pensioners. Then qualifies his statement:"Look there are people here with coffee.That's a drug. I got stopped for possessing cannabis. I asked the police who is the victim of this crime? and he said, and I kid you not, Gordon Brown. Who was then the Chancellor of the Exchequer.
I tried cannabis then got addicted to nicotine. Nicotine is poisonous but it's a legal drug.
At the age of 20 I went to Rhodesia and joined the army. Then I was in the Pathfinders in South Africa. The army encourages you to smoke dope on sentry duty, you have more sensitive hearing. The Americans developed this in Vietnam.
After South Africa I went to South America where I became a full mercenary working for Pablo Escobar. I personally killed 2 American marines who were spying on him.
Later on I met the marines who were in Colombia. I met Escobar on a personal level. I was in my room playing Deep Purple who turned out to be Escobar's favourite band. Even though Escobar was a big coke dealer he never touched it, only smoked cannabis. I joined his intimate circle. Mossad bought from him, South African bosses, MI6, the CIA, and I'm thinking why?
This country went to war with China over opium. Prior to World War Two alot of drugs were legal. Coke was in coca cola.
After the war the biggest producer was Germany, then Japan. All the kamikaze pilots were off their face on cocaine.
Man has always taken drugs, the evidence is there in archeology.
I wonder why 147 mummies contain cocaine and cannabis, which is indigenous to South America.
The government is control of the drug trade. In Afghanistan now, the opium trade has gone up since we are in there.
How did they get cocaine into US? Via Panama, then Amoco which is owned by the Bush family, from the oil rigs it is transported to US air force bases in the states.
Howard Marks, later on, he freely admitted he worked for MI6.
The Americans discovered crack. The government was giving it to the people. To back this up, the cocaine came out of Panama via Noriega. But Noriega got greedy, and the CIA decided he was a problem, then the US invaded Panama, against international law, kidnapped Noriega and put him in jail in the US. Where was Noriega's diplomatic immunity? That broke all international law. Nobody said a word.
That laid the foundations for America invading Iraq. Where are the weapons of Mass destruction?
I left Colombia and returned to this country. My passport was taken from me, I thought it was because I wouldn't work for MI6.
Earlier my dad died,and going through his papers, I find his service record. He was in the Malayan special forces. In his will, he apologized for making sure my passport got taken off me. It just goes to show, that people who are in the know, do have a hell of alot of control.
The government are manipulating us all through drugs.
Shipping it from Colombia to Rome, from Rome, the British ship it into London and then the rest of the country.
Every weekend 20 million people take drugs in this country. A ton of cocaine won't last a city a weekend. And the kind of amount that gets found by customs, it's nothing. It's in the governments interest to be involved with the drugs trade, they are making alot of money.
Why is America so powerful? The American public pay the taxes, it goes on record, places like area 51 which cost millions to run, where is the money coming from? From the drugs trade.
The money from drugs buys arms from Israel then going to South Africa.
The Bush family still carried on dealing drugs. the Americans are making millions from cocaine each day.
There was a Mel Gibson film, Air America.
You'd think people would come forward, but they are ridiculed, and sometimes commit suicide,
For years I kept my mouth shut cos of Escobar, I saw a man shot for not saying good morning to Escobar, but it turned out the man was deaf.
Escobar helped the community, football stuff, houses built. He did more than the Colombian government. Then America under Reagan started the war on drugs. There was all this stuff about crack addicts are all crazy, but the CIA produced the crack. Nobody stands up against the American government but I will speak out. I don't care.
Pharmaceutical companies are producing drugs like Mogodon. Doctors are the biggest drug pushers. Every drug has a side effect. The doctors don't know what the drugs do really. Last year 114 people died in this country from illegal drugs.
There are more road accidents.
We are being manipulated here by our government. Labour reduced ecstacy from class A to Class B. The police know that cannabis doesn't kill people and want to legalise it. St johns wort is legal though and also is mind altering.
Cannabis makes you high, it doesn't make you feel invincible, you just want to chill out. But they tell you it's bad for you but you are allowed alcohol and ciggs.
PCP angel dust, was made by Hells Angels in California. The American government set about persecuting people who used it. Demonise the users. Eventually the Hells Angels dropped it. Dropped producing it. Then the US government produced it.
Wherever there are drugs there is money to be made.
I recently got a phone call off of MI6. In this underground base they are making LSD. LSD isn't as popular as before but is becoming popular again. It's easy to make, cheap.
LSD was a drug produced by the American government themselves to improve the soldiers performance. Trouble was it was so hallucinogenic that the sodliers were off their faces.
In the 60's aircraft sprinkled liquid LSD onto New York. The Americans are using drugs to gain control over people.
South Africans put a drug into the water that only kills black people.
Genetics, most heroin addicts have this chromosome in their genes which makes them addicted.
Alot of scientists have figured this out, but government are still trying to blame the individuals.
The majority of so called drugs pushers are friends of the people buying it.
People on street level aren't really making any money out of it.
Most pushers don't make much money, it's the government that does.
About 6 years ago, I was in prison in Leyland, and I met this guy called Steve who got jailed for 23 years for smuggling cannabis into this country. Guy next to him said "I only got 9 years for murdering my wife!".
Everyone of us breaks the law, every day, parking offences etc. The system spend thousands to pursue it. Yet we are the ones paying the taxes to pursue this.
The pharmaceutical companies make more money out of drugs that don't work. They have drugs that can cure cancer and they don't release them. People who get happy pills at the doctors, don't know whats in the drugs. but people who take ecstacy etc know exactly what they are taking and its effect.
Many cannabis users won't take any other drugs. Some heroin users can take it and leave it. It's the genetics that make heroin addicts or alcoholics and they pass these genes onto their children.
I personally have taken drugs such as mandrake root, cannabis, ecstacy, magic mushrooms, fly agaric, LSD, then the doctor gave me Prozac which turned me into a raving mutter. I believe that making these drugs illegal is a way of suppressing individuality.
In an interview with David Icke and Credo Mutwa, Credo is a Zulu, they talked about innoculations. These innoculations are suppressing psychic ability. I'm a medium and a healer. Is it a coincidence that because of my childhood that I missed out on these innoculations...?
The US government are putting enzymes into Macdonalds but at any given moment they can switch on a sonic beam and these enzymes make you ill.
Sonic weapons brought the twins towers down, the actual aeroplanes were holograms.The technology the US have is incredible. Sonic weaponry been around since the 50s.They can certainly can bring buildings down with it. Sound is a vibration, it can alter the physical vibration.
My mum had Alzheimers, cost alot in drugs, 300 quid a week. then funding ran out, and she died.
I don't advocate the use of drugs but I do drink alot of coffee."


  1. Wow! I can't believe I read all that jibberish.

  2. Well it aint me that said it...I am merely reporting what Frank Willis said.


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