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Jesus was an ET

Have a wander around the stalls, get chatting to a stall holder with plastic pointy ears. She says that when she gets some money, she will have them surgically changed. Her stall sells interesting Copper 'splashes'. I have a bit of an obsession with Copper after an important dream about it in 2005. As a result I visited 'copper valley' in France near Carcassonne. We have a little bitch about positive thinkers, how tiresome they are. Jean comes up and says positive thinking has really worked for her. She also mentions the recent UFO conference in Nevada, which Robbie Williams, the pop star attended with Jon Ronson, the journalist. Unfortunately she missed Robbie, who had a beard and sunglasses but was recognised by everybody anyway. She talks about her friend who can read auras and how this friends' children always tried to hide the area around their head when they were telling fibs because their mother always knew who was lying.
The next speaker is Richard Lawrence, who looks like a born-again Christian and is a confident speaker. Unfortunately he is in the after lunch spot when people's energies are flagging. At one point I looked around and noticed that most of the front two rows were asleep, which must have been difficult for him.
Richard Lawrence.
" A recent Mori poll said that 31% of public believe government is covering up alien sightings.
Nick Pope I remember talking to him on his first day at the Ministry of Defence. He didn't believe in UFO files. I said to him shortly you will believe in them because you will see them. Now he is one of the main speakers on them.
I'm going to talk about contact with a being from another world which took place 50 years ago with Dr King.
This ET said "I would warn you that when government are forced to admit our existence, the government will try to convince you that we are unfriendly. So forewarned is forearmed.
Now nobody believes in the government...spin... everybody knows about 'spin' but 20 years ago people were less sophisticated.
Nick Pope says we should prepare for hostile invasion. But this being told Dr King:" We could conquer you quite easily in 50 seconds if that was our intention."
How many people here have seen UFO's? " Several hands go up, and about 40% of the audience have seen a UFO.
" I know there was a talk about alien animal mutilations yesterday but if they want to perform medical operations on this planet they could easily take over a hospital. Our message is that extra terrestials are friendly. Jesus was an ET, Buddha, Sri Krishna, Confuscius, were all aliens.
The Star of Bethlehem wasn't a star, a star can't hover over anything. This was an extra-terrestrial craft which was sighted as moving, it was bringing to Earth a very great being. Jesus was brought here for karma.
Most people believe in UFO's, and believe in UFO cover-up by governments. I have brought CIA documents over to this country, regarding active aliens which are friendly, also there are documents from the Soviet Union. What this world needs are seekers after the truth."
(lots of murmurs of yes)
"Now I'm going to talk about the work of Dr George King, the man with whom I was honoured to co-author a book, I don't keep royalties from books, I put it back into the work.
This book is wonderful; Dr George King,  a master of yoga, born in 1919, spent his childhood in Blackpool, he was a practical man, and he was already psychic when he decided to take up yoga.
For him the finest use of psychic powers is healing.
After World War 2 he took up yoga. 18 million Americans practice yoga. But true yoga is not keeping fit. The ancient practice of yoga is Kundalini, Mantra, or Raja yoga.
Dr King took this up 8 hours a day. You need to look up the credentials of people claim to have contact from ET's.
So in 1945 Dr King was doing yoga, for 8 hours a day for 10 years as well as doing a job, he was a very single minded individual. That is why he was contacted. It's not because they like him.
I recommend karma yoga.
I've done a bit of mediumship, and had messages from people who have died from this Earth. I couldn't remotely channel an ET. That is way above my station.
We have to know what we don't know. Dr King was contacted in 1954, the same year Sir Peter Horsley,  number 2 in the air industry, was also contacted by an ET. But he didn't do anything about it. 
The name of our society is based on Aetherius, the name of a being, one who travels through ethers of space.
Dr King entered a state of trance named Somali (?) and because he could achieve that, he could be used as a medium by ET's. Dr King was in touch with them especially the last week of his life.
For 43 years he dedicated himself to this. In 1958 he received a communication from a something called Cosmic Voice. An accident had taken place in the Soviet Union in a nuclear power plant. Dr King was told how many were injured and killed by it. But this was kept secret.
18 years later, when I was working as press officer for the Aetherean society, the New Scientist revealed details of this accident 18 years earlier."
Then this attractive middle-aged woman comes and sits next to me, she gazes adoringly up at Richard Lewis. I guess that she is his wife. Yup, this is the extent of female leadership at this conference. (Yeah I'm just jealous, dying to experience the soothing limitations of being a surrendered wife but fear my anarchistic tendancies may crackle through) 
"First of all I went along to the BBC, and said this is in the news, but Dr King said that he heard about it from a Martian and I spoke to someone at the Home Service, a Dr Medvehjah(?sp). I went to the BBC with the proof but  when I returned to the BBC they told me the interviewer didn't exist. 'No, we aren't interested anymore' they said.
In Leicester recently there was  a sighting by many witnesses. This idea that ufology is dead is utter nonsense. The Fortean times published this and it's rubbish. When you start campaigning for the truth about UFO's, more evidence is required.
Many types of evidence in the past such as: "Dimanas", a Sanskrit word for flying beings...Buddhism concept of 'locas', heavenly spheres. The bible is jam-packed full of UFO's. Moses was followed through the desert by Pillars of Fire. There are many cases of Elijah travelling in a cloud. In the Greek legends, there are examples, the Roman poets,  the sky dwellers in person.
Then we listen to a recording of Dr King channelling, with stilted Dalek-style delivery as if he is forcing through with difficulty the message of an alien. "Serve and you will become enlightened. Serve and you will be practicising true selfless love. Serve and the almighty power of Kundalini will rise. The chakra jewels in your higher bodies will inspire. There are no words great enough to describe the wonder of service." 
Back to Richard Lewis: "Prayer. It's very misunderstood." He shows that hands should be raised when one prays. "There are many healers here. Everybody can heal. We experience heat in the palms of hands when giving healing. Prayer is when you send out this spiritual energy from a distance. You shouldn't pray with your hands closed. That is an asian greeting, where you protect your own heart energy." 
The Aetherian society practice the 12 blessings which is an extension of the Sermont on the Mount.
"You don't have to come to one of our groups, you can do it at home. Prayers are healing at a distance. Animals can heal too. Gardeners know, if you say the right things to the plants it will help them. "

There are some questions:
What is the Great White brotherhood?" It's a body of ascended masters who have been with us for thousands of years. They are not necessarily white or men, this is not racist. Ascended masters like the Count St Germain. They stay in retreats in Scotland and Mount Kilimanjaro. They help us behind the scenes, but do not interfere. Madame Blavatsky was in touch with a number of them.
The crucifix is a very negative symbol. The cross is a wonderful symbol.
I want to encourage people to do healing.
When certain satellites and craft (April 18th next one) come close to earth, your healing ability increases.
To cross yourself is to cut off oneness."
Lewis believes that the Earth is protected, from mass hypnosis, destruction.
How do you guard yourself against negative forces?...
"For general protection: you visualise a violet flame coming up through the feet through the head, it's a female preservative force from Mother Earth. It can immediately cleanse you."
The organiser gets up and states: "Richard, several people have seen figures behind you on the stage."
People go up and shake his hand, wife moves over silently and captures all this on pixels.

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  1. I didn't resonate with what this guy said at all. It sounds like hew wants to turn aliens into Gods like a kind of cargo cult. Aliens are just other creatures of the universe like us, not Gods.


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