Tuesday, 8 April 2008


Klein bottles at The Science Museum, London

Dinner with S and R. They built their house, while home-educating their kids and working. Superheroes. We played with bits of paper after dinner and experimented with Mobius strips...you twist a piece of paper once and then fix the ends together. If you trace your finger along the side, you always end up in the same place (despite the twist). I then cut the paper in half, lengthways and you get two linked paper chains and so on...Klein bottles same thing really...
S is doing a course in brain imageing, investigating dyslexia. Today news emerged that dyslexics can read the Chinese alphabet which is pictorial better than the Roman alphabet. S says that she has been shocked how researchers distort data analysis in order to get funding. In fact there has been no clear data so far to show that the dyslexic brain works differently from others. Phonological languages such as Italian are easier for dyslexics and English with its' illogical spelling poses particular problems.


  1. The mobius strip is a great party piece for me. i hold up a torn-off napkin and say: "How many sides has this piece of paper got?" "Two" everyone replies and I smugly shake my head. "Uh uh! One!"

    Try this one; it will really fuck your head up: http://www.fano.co.uk/hypermodel/tesseract.html

  2. checked out that link, ben, cool!


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