Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Perfume and ochre

Smell is what attracts me to a man more than anything else. Especially the smell of wood smoke. Even if I don't physically fancy someone, that smell draws me in. I recently heard that 'muguet' or lily of the valley is the nearest smell to a woman's ovaries, it attracts sperm and you should spray it on your knickers. The French buy their women sprigs of muguet on the 1st of May. Both Napoleon and Cleopatra wore Lily of the Valley. I wear Yardleys but would like to try Diorissimo (Mick Jagger's favourite scent) and Guerlain's vintage Muguet. I like a man that notices your perfume, that you've made an effort. Underlying smell is the key however for true sexual chemistry.
When women ovulate, they show more flesh, and wear more red. Red lips and nails are an ancient come-on. Hunter/gatherer societies used ochre to emit the same signals.

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  1. Natural perfumes pull my line. The organic ones you can get from the Body Shop and places like that that are very subtle and sometimes you don't even realize you're smelling them. I can't stand a woman with harsh chemical perfumes and deoderants; they can't do her much good when they get absorbed into her body! We pick up a person's own sscent subliminally though pheramones. That's one of the reasons why we can detect it if a person is scared, hungry, sleepy or sexually attracted to us.

    I managed to get a natural tea-scented male deororant from Holland and Barrett which other people say is OK, but it smells weird from where I am! I tend to only put it on later in the day and go without in the morning.


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