Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Venus and copper

I am completely freaked. I mentioned previously in this blog that I had an important dream about copper in 2005, I also mentioned that I had a miscarriage at that time. In fact the dream happened the day after I discovered that the baby was dead. It was probably one of the most intense dreams I have ever had. I dreamt that myself and my partner of the time lived in France and that we had a business in which we smelted copper. 
Just now looking through a fantastic astrology site called skyscript I read about the links between the planet Venus (my ruling planet) and copper. I also read about how copper levels in a woman's blood soar during pregnancy. Now to have a dream about this metal at that particular juncture suggests a kind of channelled or subconscious information stream. Or do your hormones send messages to your dream life? To be sure, I had no conscious knowledge of the connections between copper, pregnancy and venus
Anyway this miserable episode is now subject to an ongoing medical negligence lawsuit. In a few years time, hopefully I'll get some money from the hospital cock-up.

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