Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Wings and bees

This is the 3rd time I've attended the Organic food fair, courtesy of my friend U. Dolphin (her name was channelled). At the end of this fair, they normally give away tons of goodies, but not this time. 
You get the opportunity to taste different food and learn about new products. I felt sorry for the lone guy selling organic sanitary towels and tampons. Strangely nobody was coming up to him to speak about his product. I decided to approach... "what do you think about wings then? Wings are one of my pet hates. It's painful when they come unstuck from the sides of your panties and attach themselves either to your pubic hair or your thigh." (At this point my teenager who is on Spring break, fled).
The man rallied brilliantly:"er, well, I haven't had that experience myself, but I bow to your greater knowledge. "
"Ok, why don't you wear one under your armpit then and walk around, swinging your arms. You'll soon see what it feels like." 
Laughing he admitted he'd drawn the short straw and that normally his wife does this stall...he gave me a free sample which I shall try out. In the past I have found that organic sanitary towels often disintegrate and you end up with some horrible saggy crumbly mess in your knickers, loosely held together with a bit of natural fibre. Non-organic ones use absorbent gels (like stuff you put in plants to retain water) so that the liquid just expands the towel. 
Once at Glastonbury festival, I attended a tampon making workshop. Led by a long haired hippy lady, she showed us how to make fabric tampons and sanitary towels in a selection of pretty fabrics... "To match your outfit?" I asked. How is anyone going to see the effort that you've made to match your pink gingham tampon with your blouse for instance? Apart from the mess, it's not like you are going to whip it out at any point and wave it in public... 
Cute bee keeper guy on the honey stall... I've been thinking about keeping bees. I love the idea that you talk to them daily about all your problems and in return, they produce more honey.


  1. Organic resuable sanitory towels reduce waste, but then again, they can't reduce it by much. Surely there are bigger fish to fry, like too many plastic bags etc.

    I often wonder the same thing as you do about people who wear decorated underpants. Why? How many people are going to see them? One could always say it's for the wearer's own private enjoyment. "OK", I ask my male friends: "Wear a pink pair with black silk lace". "No way!" they retort indignantly. I reckon they're scared that they might enjoy it!

  2. t i totally understand why people wear decorated underpants but I draw the limit at decorative tampons myself...comes in any colour as long as its red?


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