Friday, 9 May 2008

A snip at the price...

Tuesday night, private view at the Foundry, a photographic exhibition by Dan Simon, a rickshaw driver chronicling the heroin addiction of another rickshaw driver, Sting. I met S, a stunning 6 foot 6 inch transgender lady. She would be handsome as a man or woman...formerly an Anglo-Greek rickshaw driver with biceps to match. This lady behaved like a gentleman, that is, she retained her basic good manners, bought me a drink and shone a bicycle light on the cobbled street to light the way for my tottering high heels. We talked about her transformation; she saved £22,000 in 2 years rickshaw driving to pay for her operation and treatment. She has spent 8 years on hormone treatments. Before having the snip, she told me that she had fashioned a scary 'Prince Albert' piercing on her penis using an enormous bolt, the size of a masonry drill bit. I guess you knew you wouldn't be needing it for much longer, I suggested.
S talked of going through a second puberty, this time as a woman. She said that now she felt more emotionally attached to people, had stronger romantic feelings towards men and this was the effect of oestrogen. She is awaiting her prince on a white charger...

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