Friday, 9 May 2008

Torture Garden birthday bash

Saturday night was the fetish club Torture Garden's 10 year anniversary. Went with a couple of friends who were 'newbies' to this scene. Ms Puddleduck wore an incredible black and cream burlesque rubber outfit complete with little rubber top hat, worn at an angle and ankle-snapping high heels. The Wizard wore a short suede mini skirt, size 10 heels (bought at a special tranny shop, an outing he cruelly denied me), black tights and a black skimpy top. I did his make-up and found my Nars deep red lipstick suited him better than it did me! As I have noticed in previous similar situations, the minute a bloke puts on drag, he changes personality. But at least the Wizard was a gentle smiley flirty woman, unlike an ex who turned into a psychotic cold bitch who disdained other women. I reckon it all depends on their mums you see...
Ms Puddleduck touchingly confessed to being nervous and we all vowed to stick together. On arrival at London Bridge, having cheekily driven the wrong way up a one way street to gain a nearby parking space, yours truly managed to blag our way to the front of the queue, a 2 hour wait. Inside, it was a pleasure to see my friends' excited and curious faces drinking in the scenes before them...with the variety of costumes, perversions, fetishes and outfits on show, it's akin to the Stars Wars bar scene. 
A newish sub section seems to be the fetish for inflatables... that is rubber outfits that include balloons. One guy, seemingly stood at the water fountain all night, came as a chameleon, with a giant rubber head and a long spirally tail, a rubber outfit he had hand made himself. Some women merely had big balloons as opposed to breasts which looked like something from a children's party rather than the depths of Hades. Probably the biggest 'puller' of the evening was another stocky man who wore a full bunny rabbit furry outfit, I saw him with a different beautiful woman on his arm every half hour. Clearly the giant cuddly toy look is a winning one.
I was surprised to see some activists there, having donned their village people attire for the night. Is there not an inherent contradiction between bondage, submission and anarchy? 
The Wizard was comforted by the presence of fellow Goan hippies and relaxed into his heels, although in 'sub' mood, I offered him regular foot massages whilst on my knees.
I have to say, although the costumes were fantastic, the general vibe was tamer than it has been in the past. There was a hospital room with several hospital beds which did screen some rather unpleasant medical style porn on the walls (I really don't get this myself). The dungeon was dark obviously, had the best music (e.g. Anthony and the Johnsons, mournful sweet music, the perfect background for a whipping) but didn't contain any scenes more pervy than women tied up, being lashed on the buttocks. There was one woman in a cage licking a mans finger. Another man sat forlornly cross legged on the floor in a nappy. 
I did get the feeling that the birthday bash was for weekend pervs only. Tg has gone mainstream? We stayed until it closed at 6am, which the Wizard, an experienced all night clubber, found derisory. 

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