Friday, 27 June 2008

Glastonbury festival 1

Where's Wally?

Selling the regulation Glasto uniform of fairy wings and tutu (and that's just the boys!)

First day: Mud. Kate Nash. Mud. They say Amy Winehouse has an oxygen tent ready in case she collapses on stage.
Discussion with the 'sistas' last night as to what to wear...the question was asked: is a leopard skin cardie and a leopard skin skirt too much? Can one over-animal?
Well it is only Thursday evening, one has to build up...myself I'm starting at the top sartorially...mad Gothic Vulcan floor length coat, pearls, little vintage cream and black lace mini dress and of course wellies. Want to buy a top hat for the full festie Victorian look but they are 150 quid. Rule of thumb for Glasto is that nothing is over the top. That kooky brightly coloured poncho you bought in Peru and have never worn? Bring it down! The lurid pink platform yeti boots? Perfect ! Toss away urban subdued style...

The logistics to this event are extraordinary...100,000 people..the size of a largish town. Troops of people milling around military style carrying their loads. Most useful accessory? A wheelbarrow.

Your correspondent in the field...

 Classic Glasto couple selling colourful Indian clothes

Day wear at Glastonbury.


  1. Sounds like great fun, ML! All the festival traditions are being honoured I see, including the mud!

  2. Brilliant pictures! I MISS GLASTONBURY! Can't we all just live with you all the time Mr Eavis?

    I suppose we'd all run out of money though and a mini economy would form and it'd become just like the city.


    I still love the festival and don't agree that it's lost it's magic. If anything there are less scousers. (Sorry scousies, I'm a manc - just a bit of friendly banter...).


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