Friday, 11 July 2008


I'm a salt fascist. My favourite salt is from the Ile de Ré near La Rochelle in France. It's very expensive and very good. Fleur de sel; it tastes of violets. For more information on Fleur de sel click here.
In this country I buy Maldon sea salt. I like its structure; you can crumble the flakes easily between your fingers.
For cooking I use sel grise which I buy in bulk when I visit France.
Use good sea salt and you need less of it.
You cannot cook good food without salt. The public health scares over salt are not based on evidence (link). In fact too little salt is far more dangerous.
I have visited the Salar de Ayuni in Bolivia, the salt mines in Brazil, the salt cathedral in Colombia. At the latter, you can lick the walls. 

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