Monday, 14 July 2008

Super moot talks: Reverse Time Magic

Steve Wilson gave a talk on Reverse Time Magic, an explanation of how magic spells can work even before you have performed the spell. 
He initially observed this phenomenon when he was a member of The Companions of the Rainbow Bridge coven, a ceremonial ritual training group. They performed a gnostic mass and a specific room of a specific size was put aside for this with a congregation of about 20 people. They would hand out wine and cakes of light. Every week they would have a different deacon, once it was Ramsey Dukes, the occult writer and magician. 
Wilson started to feel the effects of the mass from about two hours prior. He found he could predict who the deacon was going to be. There were other instances of this; once a wealth magic spell was performed and the recipient received a check from his grandmother saying "I'm sending this because I thought that you could do with some money". However the check was sent even before the spell was made. So Wilson started to think about causality and Quantum Inseparability or QUIP. Two particles continue to effect each other, instantly. At CERN, when they observe the decay in a particle, the other particle decays as well. This is intentionality versus random nature. 
Stephen Hawking said "All matter can be contained in a pin head". Everything is connected because there is a field of quantum inseparability. Magic implies the unexpected. 

How to set up a reverse time magic incantation using either Wicca, Spellcraft or High Ceremonial Magic:

First you face East. You make a statement of intent. Then you reverse something, like face west instead. When you are finished you face the other way. 

Remarks from the audience on this concept:
"Existence is continual."
"Theme of déjà vu. It's like a post-it note to the future."
At one point Crowley did an experiment with another magician to knock a vase off the mantelpiece but it didn't work until he became a hawk. 


  1. Sounds interesting. I'll have to come along to one of these events myself. So long as nothing comes out to haunt me! It makes my local Spiritual;ist Church seem rather wishy-washy.

  2. yeah, come down to London one wednesday...


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