Sunday, 10 August 2008

Anarchy in the Republique Francaise

For the years 2004-6, you will see pre-dated posts in the blog archive. During that time I was heavily involved in playing samba and its role in political activism. 
I attended the People's Global Action (PGA) conference in Belgrade in 2004 and the Anti-G8 camps in Evian and Scotland. My accounts, written at that time, were originally posted to samba group email lists. I also visited and wrote about two French communes; La Valette, a squatted former mining village near to Alés and Longo Mai, one of the original 60's communes, in Provence.
I wrote about my time with French activists when helping to prepare the PGA conference which was held in France in 2006. French activists are rather different from the Anglo-Saxon breed. They love to talk, to worry, to intellectualise. They have also actually read their Marx etc. Anglophone activists tend to be more pragmatic, more focused on direct action, less theoretical, less serious.

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