Saturday, 30 August 2008


Tequila cactus in Mexico

Last night I went to a Brixton cocktail bar... Mango Landin', a little tropical raft nestled on a street of council estate blocks.
My favourite cocktail is a Margarita, on the rocks, not frozen. I love the salt around the rim. Last summer in the States, I bought the special salt in a little plastic container that you dip your glass into, after wiping the rim with lime.
You have to use fresh lime, not lime cordial.
Those mixes they sell in the States are awful...luminous green and too sweet.

I've tried making my own but they aren't satisfactory yet. I'm aiming to achieve the same taste as the famous Margarita's at El Coyote Mexican restaurant in Los Angeles. I lived there in the early 80's. Margarita's cost a dollar. Checking their website I saw that they now cost $6.50.
The Margarita at Mango Landin' cost £6.50p, double what it costs in the States. Although the barman did his best, it was merely ok, but not great, missing something. The barman there uses triple sec with white tequila and cointreau with gold tequila. (His Mojito's were much better.)
I'll have to continue my quest to find a decent Margarita in Britain.

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