Saturday, 2 August 2008

On the hoof...

Baked beans and tomato soup cans on the engine of my car.
Place cans in secure area near engine.
Drive some place at least half an hour away.
Open bonnet and feel if cans are hot enough.
If they are, open them and eat.

I don't eat meat but one of the kitchen crew at the Ooh la la café has cooked strips of bacon on a light bulb. 

And of course cheese fondue is cooked on a tea light. Love cheese fondu.
Grate emmental cheese and gouda cheese.
Rub a clove of garlic around the pan.
Add half a bottle of white wine. Drink the rest.
Add some kirsch...cherry liqueur.
Put it all into a small pan and heat over tea lights.
Cut some bread into squares.
Dip bread squares on long forks into melted cheese fondu.
Drink more white wine (dryish to counteract the oil of the cheese. Or my fave white wine...Gewurztraminer, from the Alsace). 
Tradition has it that if you lose a bread square in the fondu, you have to buy a bottle of white wine.
Serve with green salad, with walnuts and fromage bleu if you wish. 
Sometimes I go a bit raclette-ish with it and add salt encrusted small potatoes, dishes of small gherkins and silverskin onions. Meat eaters add salami n stuff. 

Great recipe for fish if you don't have a bbq or a pan.
Catch fish.
Gut fish.
Wrap fish in wet newspaper.
Put it on a fire.
When newspaper is dry, it is cooked.

I've done this one and it works just great.

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