Saturday, 2 August 2008

Salad bar

For this festival I mostly filled the chiller cabinet with salads which consisted of my usual aforementioned repertoire plus:
3 bean salad (yuk, but was forced to, so put in lots of chopped parsley and garlic)
Beetroot salad (yuk again, hate beetroot, people said it was great, have no idea, didn't even taste it)
sweetcorn and tomato salad (so easy and quick). Make a really nice dijon mustard dressing with it.
Oil (I'm assuming anyone with half a brain will use good oil such a olive or walnut or hazlenut or a good quality cold pressed seed or vegetable oil. Big scoop of dijon smooth mustard. Teensy bit of lemon or vinegar. Salt. Bit of garlic. Keep stirring until it looks like mayonnaise.
Dolmades... now usually I make them from scratch but had no time.
If you want to be really swotty you can even pick the leaves from a vine tree, blanche them and then use to wrap around a rice/herb, vinaigretty mixture. Add whatever inspires you...pine nuts, red peppers... or use bulgar wheat...
Usually this particular café makes veggie burgers from sosmix which has got to be one of the vilest food stuffs known to mankind. In fact I'd rather eat meat. 
I prefer the Pogos recipe veggie burgers:
sunflower seeds
pumpkin seeds
smoked tofu and maybe a bit of normal tofu
a bit of tamari sauce
(skip the thyme, far too much of it in prepared vegetarian food)
shape into patties... fry

Add cheese if you are not vegan. (vegan cheese is ridiculous)

I was also instructed to make home made falafel which I have never made before. These were my instructions:
Soak then grind up chickpeas.
add other stuff which I can't remember.
Sometimes add broadbeans.

People liked them, but they made me fart. Food that gives you stomach cramps is not good.

I must have done something wrong. Need to work on that one. Any suggestions welcome.
There are political and cultural issues surrounding Falafel. The Israeli's have claimed them as their national food. But it is a traditional Arab food dating back to Babylonian times. The Arabs are not happy.

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