Saturday, 2 August 2008

Sun dried tomatoes

Does anybody else think that these are mostly rather vile?
Acid chewy things. They remind me of that scene in Michael Herr's brilliant book about the Vietnam war 'Despatches' which Apocalypse Now was based on... a newbie soldier was handed a bag which looked like it was full of apricots...on dipping in he discovered it was full of hacked off Vietcong ears...
Back to there are such a thing as Sun blushed tomatoes which are much nicer. 
What is the difference? The answer is here...


  1. Have you tried real tomato ketchup? You can get it at my local deli for £3.50 a bottle. It brings ketchup into the realms of real food.

    Also, have you noticed some people don't like black food? So I don't like marmite or miso or black olives (except cooked) or black coffee. And I'm not the only one.

  2. hey dharmaruci, I've only just noticed your comment...a month later!
    No I've never tried it but it sounds fantastic.
    Now my teenager has decided she only wants to eat black and white food...
    I know Aspergers people can get fixated about colour of food...


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