Saturday, 20 September 2008

About a boi

Avant-garde music

The hostess, Chiara Williams, wore something flowing...

Born to lose, a knife installation by Eva Lis.

Last night, an art vernissage in darkest Clapton; I've heard about these events many times, but have never before been to an art gallery in somebodies house. The entire house was painted a blinding white. There was no furniture. In one room an arty looking woman with geeky glasses and unsexy bob made strange music into a microphone connected to a laptop. Little squeaks and moans. Projected onto the white wall in front of her, were monochrome messages "Stop" "Go". 
Knives engraved with intricate designs and slogans stuck out of a doorway, a piece by Eva Lis called 'Born to lose'.
A tall graceful woman wearing a cat suit and chase me, fuck me heels was hosting. 
"Where is all your furniture? Where do you sleep?" I exclaimed, gesturing at the empty rooms. 
Sighing she said "In storage and at Debbie's house. I sleep in a little room near the garden. Debbie is my partner." 
I looked around. Much of the work was by female artists. Many of the guests were, on closer inspection, lesbians.
Watching an atmospheric black and white film 'Transit' by Anita Makris, I sat next to two women. One of the women was wearing a sexy pair of high heels. "Love your shoes" I said "and your nails, your's all been noted." 
We got chatting. She was an actor. Not an actress. She doesn't like tights, only stockings. Next to her sat her 'husband', Crin, dressed in a man's suit, shirt and tie. Crin had short hair and no makeup. She writes a blog column. 
"What's that?" I enquired.
She explained: "Well, blogs are not edited. They are just stream of consciousness. People's lives. I write a blog column. Do you edit your blog?"
"Of course. But I didn't realise that there was this distinction. Between blog and blog column.
Her blog column "Butch about town" explains that she is a 'boi', as opposed to a 'bio', a man who was born biologically male. 
As we move inexorably into the Aquarian age, gender becomes fluid. Transsexuals regard biological women and men as Cisgender opposing cis (Latin for on the same side) with trans (crossing).


  1. I'm slightly scared, in that sparkly, giggly way that isn't uncomfortable at all. I guess that roughly translates as "I wish I could have been there". But you were, so that'll do!

  2. Scared of lesbians? They were all very glamourous (can never spell that word even though it is one of my favourites). Nary a boiler suit in sight, and if there was, it would have been cinched in with a gold belt and matching pumps.
    I am completely 'het' myself. Fancy bio's too much. But you never know...

  3. Anyone can turn! You get people who've been straight as a poker their whole life then suddenly fall head-over-heels in love with someone of the same sex.

    Not that I'm speaking from personal experience.

  4. there my knock-me-down-and-fUck-me


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