Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Black and White food

My teenagers' packed lunch. Take one piece of Mothers Pride style bread (naturally, she can't stand all that organic seeded stuff I give her). Spread butter then black olive tapenade (you can take the girl out of France but you can't take the French out of the girl). 
Put white foundation on your face. Dye your hair black. Shade eyes thoroughly with black eye makeup. Wear black clothes and hostile expression. Et voila! You are ready for school.


  1. Oh, perfect perfect perfect. My work colleague said she is planning a halloween party with only orange and black foods - a challenge. I will recommend this to her. I was always too cheerful to be a goth, so I doubt I'd cut it as an emo either. Ah well.

  2. I'm thinking of doing a dia de los muertos (Day of the dead) menu at the café. I think I put myself down for that shift...

    Went to a Mexican food tasting market yesterday...yum it was divine. Particularly a dish called rajas con creme which I guess I could do with soy cream.


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