Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Butternut squash bake

Butternut squash bakeMy friend L and I were having a Facebook flirt and she decided to come round for dinner. I had a butternut squash in the fridge for the last 3 weeks. I ordered the Moro cookbook specifically to get the recipe for this dish. When it came I realised it was in another Moro cookbook. Damn.
So I made something up.

Butternut Squash Bake recipe

Butternut squash, peeled and cut into one inch chunks
Red onion
Red pepper
Olive oil

Then I thought I need some tahini sauce with it. But I didn't have any tahini. I did have a large jar of sesame seeds. I whizzed them up with lemon, olive oil, salt, garlic and yoghurt. Pretty good.

Finally some fresh coriander, some dodgy harissa (with peanuts???) I bought at the South Bank food festival that I wanted to get rid of.

Sling it in the Aga for a bit.

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