Sunday, 21 September 2008


Miss Brodie is on the phone. She can't cope anymore. Three teachers were attacked last week. It's like working in a war zone. She needs a flak jacket to go to work. "I don't think I'm cut out for teaching", she says. 
'Every child counts' is the government slogan. 
"What about every adult counts?" says my sister. 
I'm trying to encourage her.
"If you can do this you can do anything. After this, working in Afghanistan would be a piece of piss" I say. 
This week Miss Brodie has been asked to mentor a 'gifted and talented' student. But she was warned not to be alone with her.
 "She can twist things" hinted another teacher. 
This student comes from a difficult background. One of four children, all who have different fathers, the mum has already sent a solicitor's letter to the school and the student has only been at the school 2 weeks. The family is notorious in the area and have been given some sort of family ASBO for starting a local riot.
I'm trying to get Miss Brodie to enable comments on her blog. She needs support.


  1. Good luck to her! I doubt if I could be a teacher. I had one of Lou-lou's on the phone Friday because my little darling has been less than adorable, according to the school! I wonder what Miss Brodie (the movie character) would say.

  2. I hope you succeed in persuading her to enable comments, perhaps if she is aware she has it in her power to delete comments that might help sway her?

  3. I've told her but she says she is feeling too fragile at the moment. Hopefully she will change her mind.
    She herself got physically pushed by a pupil yesterday.


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