Saturday, 13 September 2008

Junk food mum

Speaking of Jamie Oliver, latter day saint for his campaign to improve school meals...driving through Hampstead, I once saw him, his wife and kid in a pushchair, eating MacDonald's. He seemed to be particularly enjoying the Macdonald's milkshake. If only I'd stopped the car and taken the picture, I could have made a fortune. Especially after his criticism of mums pushing junk food through the school gates (story here).
I do agree with his campaign though. The evil Scolarest provided the meals at my daughter's primary school and they were inedible dreadful things. 

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  1. Ah, but maybe this makes him better placed to understand the desires and needs of fellow addicts? I must confess to a dark history of macdonalds milshakes - it was during my teen 'rebellion' during which I turned down my Mum's offer of vegan cannabis truffles in the Green Fields at Glastonbury in favour of cheapo garlic bread in the main market squeezed in between Dodgy indie bands.


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