Thursday, 18 September 2008

A nice cup of tea

One of my favourite websites is A nice cup of tea and a sit down (link in the sidebar). Today I had to go into town and so decided to have a cup of tea in the longest champagne bar in the world at St. Pancras Eurostar station. The cheapest glass of champagne is £7.50p and even during the day you see ladies that lunch, perhaps waiting for a train to Paris for a shopping trip, and business men, indulging in mid-morning drinks. How utterly civilised.
For £2.50p you can have a pot of Earl Grey served in white porcelain, an inexpensive luxury. I love train stations anyway, just like I get excited looking at maps. If, for whatever reason, I cannot travel, then just being near the possibility of it, is enough to stimulate me. 
Good tip: today The St. Pancras Grand restaurant opened. If you need the loo, which is luxurious, just say you are at the champagne bar and they will let you in.

Still life of white porcelain tea set at St.Pancras station

Wierd hand dryer.

Posh bog at the St.Pancras Grand restaurant

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