Tuesday, 2 September 2008


A certain female megastar, about whom a book has been written by her brother, which details her financial stinginess. Well it's all true. I've heard it first hand.
The megastar and her daughter were in New York, where mummy was, as usual, working. So the megastar's daughter needed company. The megastar's personal assistant calls up the mother of the megastar's daughter's best friend to invite the child to New York.
"How delightful" said the mother of the friend "what an opportunity for my daughter".
Then the megastar's personal assistant said "Well if you'd like to give me your credit card details I will book the flights"
Taken aback, the mother of the friend said flustered "er no, um, I'll sort it out myself."
As the child was only invited last minute, the flight cost the mum £1,200. This was a sum she could ill afford, especially as she is an ordinary working mum with other children. Of course this sum would be peanuts for the megastar. The mother paid of course, too embarrassed to state the obvious fact that if you invite someone and you are rich, you pay.
Maybe sometimes one can take that 'I don't want to be used by other people' thing too far...


  1. been there done that.
    the rich can be so delightfully
    ignorant as to the welfare of the
    "peasants and livestock"
    that they risk there very lives.
    bring a camera that's what I say.
    catch em' with there pants down!
    long live the
    anarcho-romantic revolution!
    and the paparazzi as well.

  2. like that...anarcho-romantic revolution! Sounds right up my street...
    Anarchists in frilly white shirts and tailcoats, spouting Rimbaud...maybe with a mohican and a couple of tats/piercings too...
    I used to live at a squatted swimming pool in London fields. Full of anarcho-punks. When I did dinner, I laid a white table cloth and candles. A beautiful setting for the freegan goodies!


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