Monday, 22 September 2008

Posh menus

Yes, my curry is mystic, God-like, immanent, transcendant, sustaining the universe.

Got into trouble at the café last week. A previous chef had made a lentil loaf. I put it up as one of the specials: 'Lentil thingy with whatever'. You see, as I hadn't made it myself I wasn't sure how to describe it. Also I was running late and hadn't yet decided on the accompaniment.
Despite the fact that this is an anarchist café, they objected.
Dvd, the waitress, loved it "Goddess, that is sooo punk!" he giggled. Somebody ordered it. I think I nuked three slices in the microwave and put salad and rice with it. 
Why so serious? as The Joker would say.
I really hate poncey menu descriptions which talk up the mundane...I like to play with the names of dishes, sometimes pretentious, maybe using the odd French word, sometimes funny and to the point, sometimes showing that it's all a work in progress.
Nicked from another blogger this job advert from New Zealand. You'd immediately want to work for people like this, wouldn't you?


  1. what's a P addict... (mind is boggling...)?


  2. I don't know either. Do they mean E addict? Hence the being able to work ridiculously long shifts?

  3. I agree about the menus descriptions, I can remember seeing something described as with "foraged blackberries" and I suppose they are getting at the "local" produce aspect and well and good - but seriously - I tend to pick blackberries not forage for them!

  4. It'd be funnier if they put 'foraged pasta'...suggesting you'd scouted around in your cupboard for it...


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