Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Renounce him and all his works...

Satan is on o2 (the British branch of AT&T). 
Engaged in an extended row on the o2 forums regarding charges for the iphone. Whilst in France this summer, I looked at my emails on a handful of occasions (after all that is the point of the iphone is it not?). Just to do that cost me £90. Phone calls, texts, roaming etc cost more. And of course I'm still paying the contract, none of which is used while I am abroad. 
Another mother I know, to whom I recommended the iphone, got a £900 bill from o2 for internet services abroad while she was in France for a month. 900 quid!!! She rang, pleaded and they refunded her. 
I called o2 asking for a reduction in these unreasonable charges and they were unhelpful. So it seems pretty random as to who they help. They said: 
  • I was supposed to call them before going away.
  •  I was supposed to be able to predict how much my bill would be (when safari is downloading stuff in the background which I could not know about).
  •  I was supposed to have read their website in full prior to leaving the country.
I'm already pretty hacked off with the whole iphone thing. Bought it in March, paid top whack. By May it wasn't working anymore. o2 shop said you have to send it away for several weeks during which time you will not have use of an iphone but some cheapo little phone we will lend you. Went to Apple mac shop and they replaced it.
Then Mac brought out the new 3g version. Great, I've got the old slow 4 month old (which in computer terms is practically pre-historic) version. Then o2/Mac made it free to whoever got a £45 monthly contract. (I had to take out an 18 month contract and could only afford the bottom tariff of £35 monthly.) 
As for the actual phone, well it's lighter than a laptop but half the time, you don't have reception. The camera is rubbish, no flash, no video, no zoom, very fuzzy picture quality. The sound isn't great. 
There are clearly problems here: does anyone but a tecchie know how many Mb's it takes to look at an email? I certainly don't. So information like it costs £3 per Mb are meaningless. 
I've written an email. I'm in conversation about it on their forum which is pretty funny. All these so-called members of the public sticking up for poor little ole multi-national o2. Ha! I don't think so. Sock puppets working for o2...working for The Man. Dobbies of the corporate yourselves!


  1. where can I send donations care of?

  2. ah you are such a sweetie, I forgive you...

  3. HMMMMmmmm this reminds me of the "work of art" red icon blob that was advertised as a way to show how rich you were on your i-phone. You had but to click it and a hundred bucks went to the creators in a single click.... and you get... a shiny red button!

    I think the app. got withdrawn in a furore, no doubt you may have heard of it... But it sounds like that is the tip of the iceberg with one of these phones... bet you can't even get them on pay as you go either!


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