Thursday, 16 October 2008

7 year itch

As a statement was put out that Madonna and Guy Ritchie are divorcing, after 7 1/2 years of marriage, my thoughts turned to a talk on relationship astrology at the Lodge last Monday night. The speaker said that most relationships last 7 years, a quarter of a Saturn cycle.

One of Guy Ritchie's reasons for divorcing Madonna is her obsession with the Kaballah and, as a confirmed atheist, I sympathize. However recently someone dumped me apparently because of my interest in astrology which he said was "as bad as being religious"... that really hurt because I thought of him a friend too. (Although it may have had more to do with the fact that I'm not 25, a size 8, and with a brain the size of a pea. In the immortal words of Sharon Stone..."If you have a vagina and an attitude in this town, then that's a lethal combination. ")

Men don't like you to get upset or emotional. If you do then you are 'mental'. Right. Being fucked, if I may speak so boldly, means having somebody inside your bodily cavities!!!! Literally inside you. Women are supposed to take this lightly? Excuse me if I don't get over it in ten seconds.

I don't believe in astrology, I'm interested in it, simply because it seems to work. I don't know why, it just does. I view it's unerring accuracy with fascination. There are times when I am more interested... Recently, with the credit crunch, which has been predicted by astrologers for decades, astrology has proved itself worth a closer look don't you think?


  1. err - is this a private affair now? What's the deal with that?

  2. I feel your pain ...

    "perhaps i need to turn down the gain on my empathy chip"
    Robert Llewellyn (Kryten, Able) of red dwarf

    ok that's silly of me but I am

    and that's o k

    because actually caring is were
    I'm at.

  3. "a good man is 75% woman" my professor friend said to me and anyone who would listen .
    which 75% he never said .
    yes he did ,
    be nurchering, kind,compassionate, maternally loving if you will.
    I believed him.
    partly as it was my nature to be so already...
    good advice for any man in my opinion.
    even the transvestites .

    like my dad ...

  4. Speaking of transvestites or 'T-girls' as they like to be known as..
    I'm noticing some sort of inverse law there...the straighter the guy seems to be, the kinkier and vice versa. So today I had a lunch date with a guy who seemed to be a bit dull, computer programmer type. I thought well, ok, try dull. That might work. But no, a few emails down the line it turns out he's a cross dresser but, he said, "I'll be coming to the date dressed as a man".

    Now you'd think I'd cancel it, in that it's so obviously not going anywhere from the outset. However, being me, I a) cannot bear to hurt his feelings b) am interested in Iranian food c) thought it would be an interesting experience if nothing else.

    So I replied to him " Good. Always best on a first date I find."

    Anyway just got back, it was interesting. He runs private dinner parties for 'T-girls'. Could be a business proposal?
    Deffo a niche market.
    But romance? No dice. But I don't mind a man dressing up from time to time, I find most red-blooded males can't wait to try on a frock and a bit of lippie...

  5. Astrology is something I'm interested in too and it's not a religion; it's a mystical theory and that's different. A religion is a dogmatic belief-system, ususally (but not always) involving some kind of supernatural creator-controller being. I've had charts done that have proved reamrkably accurate and so it deservbes to be taken seriously.

    ML, I hope you realize that a woman doesn't have to be 25 years old and a size 8 to be beautiful.

  6. "Men don't like you to get upset or emotional."

    Which men? There are over 3 billion of us and we're all different individuals.

  7. Ok I'm generalising but...this is my observation. But then I think many people can't take responsibility for what they do. It's an easy get-out isn't it? "Oh well, she's mental. It wasn't me. It's her. It was no big deal, she's over-reacting."

  8. I know what you mean. When I first split up from my teenager's mum I went through a "women- they're all bitches!" phase because it meant I never had to face up to the truth that I'd simply ended up with the wrong one.

  9. a little less love a little more common decency - Kurt Vonnegut
    works for me .
    for you ....
    who knows ?

  10. Yes. My friend Caro put on Facebook for her religious beliefs: Everybody be nice to each other.
    Hey I want to sign up for that one!

  11. I lvoe this post, but couldn't comment at the time because I had a temporary lapse regarding how to use blogger. Anyway, all that's irrelevant now; suffice to say, though, that I still love this post: it's brave and personal, as well as being beautifully crafted. ML: he's lost you...and it's his loss.

  12. Ooh yes I agree, I don't believe in astrology (after all I study physics before children,I should be all skeptical) but I got bored one day, heard about my saturn returning and it led to me to investiating my chart. It's so spot on for me it's freaky so I do find it really interesting.

  13. Hi Tracy,
    Welcome to my blog.
    Nice to hear that a scientist is also impressed by astrology.

  14. Well my kind of thinking is that just because we don't know how it works yet doesn't mean it's not true.
    We don't know everything, and probably never will.
    It could just be my jupiter in 12th conjunct ascendent speaking!


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