Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Cupboard love

Inspired by an article in Elizabeth David's collection of writings 'An omelette and a glass of wine', I decided to look in my cupboards for those things I have never used.

Chinese black rice - 'the forbidden rice of Chinese emperors'
Egg replacer- for those vegan cakes I never make.
A mix for chip-shop batter by Golden Fry.
A large box of Cheerios left by tenants.
A tin of green tea (lack of tea strainer?)
Green, that is unroasted, whole coffee beans (lack of grinder).
The (ubiquitous) tin of sardines for 'unexpected guests'.
'Vegeren', vegetarian rennet suitable for cheese and junket making. (Need I say more?)


  1. Sounds yummy! Perhaps we should have a food swap - like a clothes swap but where you bring items from the kitchen cupboard that you don't use. I could bring lotus petals, amongst other strange unused delights! I'd be interested in the egg replacer (though no reason to think I'd use it any more than you have!).

  2. Yes let's do a swap. What a great idea! I looked up lotus petals, but mostly got tantric sex sites. One site did say you could have them as a tea.


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