Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Custard Tart

little custard tarts and coffee in Café Lisboa, Portobello, london

Café Lisboa, off Portobello Road market, West London, Friday Morning.
The most divine little custard tarts. Thin flakey pastry on the outside, delicate egg yellow custard on the inside. You bite into it, you get textures...crisp, then soft. Take it with a gallao, a milky coffee, sit at an outside table and people-watch. Then walk a little further down and buy Ras-el-hanout and couscous at the Morroccan shops or aceitunas, atun and olive oil in a decorative tin from the Spanish store.


  1. i've just found this on an american page - hilarious!

    'Ethnic Cuisine: British.
    Traditionally, England was not known for its cuisine, but beginning in the late 20th century, the food in England has become increasingly varied and sophisticated.'

    Angela :o

  2. I notice they don't mention Marmite for the pantry.

    Traditionally the English do not do sauces like the French because our basic ingredients, the meat, is of good quality.

    I don't really like English food myself.

  3. Hi there!
    Just discovered your blog- and loving it. Those custard tarts are my top sin. Pasteis de Nata is the proper name. You can make them at home but not always more fun to eat them in Cafe Lisboa.
    Next time you go try a pastel de feijao. I promise you'll love it. Little cake made with beans (not horrid just sounds it). Trust me.


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