Friday, 17 October 2008

Persian meal in Olympia

Persian meal in OlympiaLavash, a thin crispy bread, the oldest bread in the Middle East, they say.
A strange kind of thick lentil, pasta and rice soup.
A plate of fresh herbs, with radishes and feta.
Tea in a teapot on a table-top warmer poured into red glasses. There was a portrait of a military man with a large moustache on the teapot and glasses.
"Who is that?" I asked the waiter who also had a big moustache. "A king?".
"I don't know", he said. "My grandfather?"
Aubergine dishes...the 'potato' of Iran.
Would have liked to have tried polo, a kind of par-boiled rice, a sour cherry dish and something with pomegranates. Will have to try another Persian restaurant for those, this one mainly had meat dishes. Although it was charming, the whole place smelt of blood.

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