Friday, 10 October 2008

Pluto in Capricorn

Thinking, thinking, thinking. Pluto in Capricorn is, ok, world financial melt-down. But, Capricorn is the sign of old age. Maybe there will also be a transformation of how we view and treat old (er) people. What with the population as a whole getting older. High time. We've been obsessed with youth since the sixties.
Now all the people born in the 60's will have natal Pluto in this transit will be trining their natal Virgo's. They are in their 40's and were probably hoping for a last decade of earning well to prepare for their retirement. This is not going to happen.
Trying to work it out...what to would seem the smart idea to sell your property, especially if you have a large mortgage, because otherwise you will soon be in negative equity. I'm also thinking freehold. No flats. And a garden. And digging a well, keeping chickens, growing vegetables, all that self-sufficiency stuff. Maybe learn to shoot. In some ways it's better to live in a city when things get tough, there is more to scavenge. But in the countryside, you've got land. In the last war, the people in the countryside did better. How bad is it going to get?
You can feel the fear around as everything crumbles, true Pluto style. Need to build up again from the roots, the foundations. This is what immigrants have been doing for years. They have the skills. So in a few years when Pluto enters Aquarius, will we all be living in communes?

Are we headed for a Minsky moment?

My friend Dvd says "Nothing is happening. Some fictional zero's are moving from one computer to another."

I'm going to quote from Merriman, the financial astrologer (link in side bar):
"If you want to succeed in the next 15 years, you have to get past the urge to hype, past the urge to feed into fear, past anything that is not real… and be accountable. If you want to succeed, you will have to be patient, dedicated to something beyond yourself, and able to apply all the spiritual and life lessons you have learned over the past few decades in your daily life. It is no longer about “me,” and what others can do to help “me” get what “I” want, regardless of whether I really deserve it or not. It’s about the world, the group you belong to (socially or professionally), and how you can contribute to the greater whole. Anyone who thinks they can make it on their own will find out… they are alone, and it will be a lonely place. Everyone will need a little help from their friends, as the Beatles once sang, and to get it, you have to be a friend and give a little help. This is the message of Uranus and Neptune in mutual reception (2003-2011). This is the message of Pluto crossing the Galactic Center and Solar Apex (2007-2009). This is the message of Saturn, Uranus, and Pluto forming a T-square to one another, and all entering cardinal signs (2008-2014) for the first time since 1930-1931. It is the message of Saturn and Pluto in the downside of their cycle (2001-2020). It will require conscientious regard for the impact one’s actions will have on the well being of all others with whom one is associated. It is possible to succeed big time, of course, but not by the same means used in the past.

… We are now in another “down phase” of the Saturn-Pluto cycle from 2001-2002 through 2020. If history repeats (and so far it has), budget surpluses will give way to greater budget deficits, higher interest rates, higher taxes, and a more difficult economic and equity-investing environment. We are in the midst of an 18-year period where individuals are to be encouraged to save their money, protect their capital, and not focus on “capital appreciation” through the stock market (investing in companies that are not your own). Gone are the days of annual double-digit returns through equity investments. Oh, there may be a year here and there whereby the overall stock market performs well. But the years of little gain - or even of loss - tend to be more numerous now, especially when adjusted for inflation. On the bright side, one can anticipate that the stock market (and the economy) will bottom out sometime before the end of 2021. A great investment opportunity looms ahead – for those who have the cash (and courage) to invest when prices are at extremely attractive levels. That is likely to happen within 18 months of Saturn in its waning square to Pluto (November 15, 2009-August 21, 2010 +/- 18 months), or when they return to conjunction (January 12, 2020, +/- 18 months). Whichever happens to be the lowest low will tell us whether there is a dominant 72- or 90-year stock market cycle (see “Stock Market” section). But even if the lowest level in stock indices is realized in the first instance, the stock market and economy are not expected to break out to the upside until the conjunction period is reached (2018-2021)."


  1. I am scared, please stop!

    I would love to have a bit of land where I could grow my own food, it seems the only sustainable way.

    When it all goes tits-up can I come and help grow stuff in your garden?

  2. let's not only hope to see a communal revival but work to
    avoid the mistakes of the past
    through thoughtful design .

  3. Canal can come and help grow stuff need to wait for the apocalypse. In the past I've grown fabulous tomatoes,beans, potatoes,squash,onions. I've got pears (pity I don't like them)
    Corbin: hear hear

  4. I'm glad you guys are not Doom-and-Gloomers. Chinese has a word that means both "crisis" and "opportunity". That's how I like to see these portents of deiaster. In my own life, it's the BAD things that have happened to me which taught me the most lessons!

  5. I rejected this comment by mistake sorry Canal Explorer. Bloody iphone.

    Canal Explorer has left a new comment on your post "Pluto in Capricorn":

    Well I was thinking come the downfall of capitalism I would squat your summer-house and we could set up a generator or something and live off your little plot of land. I'd be up for some gardening now, but it's a bit of a journey...

    I started the running blog by the way, thank you for the inspiration!

    Why doesn't my profile picture show up on the comments I've made on your blog? Ah well.


  6. Oh no, I feel SO rejected!

    All seems to be displaying through your comment anyway now - yay.

    Sorry we got cut off this morning, not sure if you hung up because I was falling back asleep or if I leaned on the button...


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