Monday, 13 October 2008


Big porridge making competition today. Interesting thing in the link above is that the Scots used to have a porridge drawer! They used to cut out sections of cold porridge and take it out to the moors. Hmm, could this applied to other foods? A pasta drawer? You just scoop out a load of cold pasta and take it with you. Rice?
I did buy some really posh stone-milled porridge, Alford's. It was so fine it set like concrete. Pretty horrible. Maybe I was doing something wrong. But soon it'll be porridge weather again.
I used to love it when my mum woke up early on school days and made us porridge with lots of golden syrup on it. Often it was still dark outside. One did feel like the Readybrek kid, walking to school with a red glow around you, if mum had made porridge.

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