Sunday, 2 November 2008

Age of Aquarius

Jay-Z in front of Obama
As the U.S. election approaches, astrologers are in a frenzy of prediction. This is a particularly important election not just because of the players involved, the unique economic situation but because these things are so accurately mirrored in the heavens. As below.
Tomorrow we see the first of four Saturn/Uranus oppositions. The moon will be void of course. Neptune will be stationed for 2 days. On November the 27th Pluto goes into Capricorn finally where it will stay until 2025.
These are significant politically (or in astrological parlance in a 'mundane' way) because they involve the outer planets which affect generations.
The two candidates charts have only recently been verified. John McCain's on June 13th and Barack Obama's on October 13th (not their birth dates, merely when their birth certificates were put into the public domain). Hillary Clinton's time of birth has never been confirmed.
Therefore astrologers have only recently been able to properly consider the data and thus make predictions.
It still is a hard election to call. The 10th house of career, authority, public status is what needs to be looked at. Pluto is nearing conjunction of McCains' North Node (a fated point of destiny in the chart) in the 10th.
Pluto (power) on the other hand is opposing Obama's Venus in Cancer in the 5th house. No wonder everybody is "in love" with him. The U.S.A. is a Cancerian country (July 4th) but has it's moon in Aquarius and resonates with that energy. Obama has Aquarius rising. McCain has moon in Aquarius. There have been more Aquarian presidents than any other sign (Lincoln, Roosevelt, Reagan to mention a few).
Aquarius is how America likes to be seen by others; humanitarian, futuristic and innovative. Cancer however is it's true nature, conservative, obsessed with food, indirect, nostalgic for the past, maternal, home-loving. (Cancer rules breasts hence the American beauty ideal of large breasts!)
Sarah Palin is extremely Aquarian, with at least four planets including her Sun and Moon in that sign.
Anyway most astrologers call it for Obama. I'm not so sure.
Either way there is going to be a huge reaction across the world. Anger if McCain gets it. Joy if Obama gets in. There will also be accusations of vote fraud, underhand tactics (Neptune stationed), delays about the result.
If Obama does get in, will he actually serve as President? Many astrologers believe that something will occur to prevent him taking office. They see danger.
I will spend tomorrow night at the Astrological Lodge in London where a constellation of astrologers will be considering the tertiary progressions of Obama and McCain's charts.


  1. Wow, all highly fascinating. I will be very interested to see how it pans out.

    Bristly Pioneer of the Space Hijackers says he's considering putting a £20 bet on McCain so that he's happy whatever the outcome!

    I'd much rather a Libran than a Gemini, but then I would say that (being a Libran with a back catalogue of Gemini exes).

  2. I am a Libran and it has its good sides and its bad sides.

    As for Barack Obama, don't get yuor hopes up about the "change" he's talking about. All presidential candidates say they stand for change and they nerver do... well only one did and his path change was brutally cut short in 1963. If Obama is serious about his change then he'd better avoid driving past any school book depositories!

  3. Aah, my lovely Libran readers...Libran's are just polite Scorpio's with nice taste in clothes and home furnishings.
    Anyone who thinks a Libran is a pushover is mistaken. Many generals and Margaret Thatcher herself were Libran. Brilliant strategists, they are ruled by the 7th house, the house of partners (love or business), open enemies and legal fights.
    The phrase 'the devil's advocate' may have been invented just for them. This ability to think from the other person's point of view makes them serious opponents in the court room or in the case of a failed marriage, divorce.

  4. I was wondering why you both were going on about Gemini's versus Libran's...You have misunderstood...their birthdays are not Oct 13 and June 13, these are merely the dates when their actual birth times were verified. There is often false information about charts and politicians are aware that astrologers will use the information to make predictions about the outcome of elections.
    You have to apply to get the birth certificate to know for sure.

  5. ML wrote: "Aah, my lovely Libran readers...Libran's are just polite Scorpio's with nice taste in clothes and home furnishings."

    ML, you've obviously never seen the state of my joint! It's a true bacholor pad!

  6. Even though your ex-wife lives there?


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