Sunday, 30 November 2008

Cabbage and doubles

When I worked at the cafe this week I was confronted by a plentitude of beetroots and cabbage and not much else. Feeling utterly uninspired, I found a cabbage dish in Madhur Jaffrey's World Vegetarian cookbook (highly recommend this book). This recipe was from an African country (a cuisine I know little about) but can't remember the name.

Cabbage dish:

I ground up garlic, red pepper, cayenne pepper in the robo-chef.
I sliced the cabbage up very finely.
Heat a deep frying pan with quite alot of oil. Fry red pepper mixture until dark. Then add the finely sliced cabbage, salt and later some water if it's sticking. Eventually it tastes a bit like seaweed. 

I also made 'Doubles' for the first time, also from the Madhur Jaffrey book. These are fried flat breads from Trinidad. I used self-raising flour to make them a bit puffier.

'Doubles' recipe:

1/2 kilo of White flour
Baking soda
Turmeric (which gives them a nice colour)
Mix it up, knead it until it's firm and not sticky.
Then leave it for half an hour. 
Divide into 16 little balls. Make into rounds.
Fry them. They will puff up.
You can do a stack now and then refry or reheat them later when they will puff up again.
They are extremely moreish. 
Nice with chickpea curry too.


  1. I just found your blog and after starting from 2011 and going backwards, decided to read it from the beginning. It makes much more sense and is providing hours of amusement.

    Last year I discovered doubles with the chick pea curry filling and served with tamarind sauce. There is a good Trini place just near Clapham North station which has some mighty tasty ones. I also go to a Guyanese place in Herne Hill with their own version and which goes under a different name.

  2. haha cate, you'll find some surprises...sometimes I write a straight post...then go back a few weeks later and add is some spicier stuff...


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