Monday, 17 November 2008

Do chickpeas come from chickens?

Friday at the cafe. Chickpeas.
There were some cooked. There were some soaked. Yesterday's chef had already cooked a chickpea curry, which was in the fridge. That is what I had intended to cook.
So... chickpeas galore.

I converted the chickpea curry into my chickpea curry by adding coconut milk, turmeric, ginger and a bunch of other stuff. And I turned the rest of the chickpeas into falafel.
I've made this a few times and I've now perfected a fart-free recipe. 
This time, however, my falafel melted in the frying pan. 
There was a rush on. Lots of orders, many needing frying. They wouldn't fry because the frying pan and then the deep fryer (for I tried that too) were foaming horribly. The falafel were, well, just gone! Pouff! Disappeared into the ether.
The orders pile up. 
Presentation goes out of the window.
Wayne the man came in and said, add some cornflour, that'll hold 'em together. 
Phew, it worked.
They weren't very tasty though, even so.
I think the problem was that the chickpeas had been slightly cooked. They were still pretty hard, but not hard enough. It was a little like trying to fry mounds of hummus. 
Must try harder.

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