Saturday, 1 November 2008


As London sees, this week, for the first time in 70 years, snow in October, it seems appropriate that I discover (via LaureninLondon) a new blog: I urge you to check it out. It's like a blueprint for how our lives may be once the credit crunch really takes hold. No more imported food. Bjork organising conferences and encouraging creative responses to the crisis. Being viewed as terrorists by the British government. Not being able to access your own money because your account, as are the accounts of all of your family, friends and neighbours, is frozen. A whole country gone bankrupt.


  1. It might be a blessing in disguise! It could be just the spur we need to start running our own lives instead of being dependant on the government and banking system.

  2. Absolutely. It will be tough but in the end we will be in healthier shape.

  3. Yeah, better than letting the current system continue.

    Here's a sing: the Rand Corporation has been petitioning the govt to start a war with China to heal the economy! What kind of system is so decrepit and schizophrenic that it needs a WAR to heal itself!?

  4. one thing is clear
    slavery is more efficient than serfdom
    and wage slavery is more efficient
    than slavery .

    A yet more effective means of
    bleeding the masses for fun and profit, is the most likely
    next turn of events.
    world wide or otherwise
    oh sure perhaps a sugar coating.
    or look ! over there !
    a distraction!
    fetch! boy, fetch !
    hurray for Guy Fawkes!
    look at the monkey!
    it's them over there
    that messed things up !
    go get em'
    that sort of thing .
    war with china?
    sure why not.

  5. I thought that was the classic Capitalist model: start a war to make money.


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