Wednesday, 12 November 2008


My continued research into the world of BDSM reveals new and delightful/horrifying words and concepts. 

Gynarchy- seems to be extreme separatist lesbianism mixed with ecology (not sure how yet). One forum talks about castrating males by injection. In fact the males would be called submales...I quote:

What would the position of submales be in a gynarchic society ?
A submale in a Gynarchic society will have no human rights at all. No human rights whatsoever. Every submale will be the private property of a female and she may use, or misuse, this property in any way she wants. No rights whatsoever for submales! Their status will be lower even than that of domestic animals! Every submale member of Gynarchy International should reflect very carefully on this !

Jeez it just gets weirder. Valerie Solanas is their patron saint, the one who shot Andy Warhol. I can't even begin to describe how mad the whole thing is. Read the link above. Surprisingly there seem to be quite a few men on the forum. Here's another quote...this one will really freak men out!

What's about fatherhood in gynarchic society ?
Concept of "fatherhood" has to be destroyed. Gynarchy never will recognize any male genitor right ! Do you really think a male should be useful in any way for procreation or children conception ? Gynarchy well knows that a male semen was necessary in a small party of the process of birth. But this semen is now a Womyn's property and only a Womyn have right to get it at a sperm's bank (or eventually directly at natural production if the Mother wants) and to use it for Her and her Children. To talk about "fatherhood" is a bit like to want to give a right about our health to the plants for giving us air, or to the earthworm for ploughing earth. But, naturally, a submale could be put in educational duties (but not only this milked for the semence, perhaps died many years before the birth !) especially the dirty duties during the first years of his owner's daughter (or son, if they are not euthanasied or put in educational structures for males). Male is for serve Womyn, even during the Daughter's education. Evidently, the Daughter, since her birth, has authority on all males that are serving the Mother for her education. If the male, by chance, was the provider of the semence that helped to her birth, the small or young Girl never could be sure of this and treat him differently as another serving submale. Male is for serving Womyn in all ways, even the semence milking (if he is a beautiful, strong and intelligent submale) and the educational and maternal duties. Submales, when Gynarchy everywhere practised, will be very proud to serve a young girl. A submale who submissively and efficiently served several babies or little girls will be well considered by the Sorority.

Another good link on female supremacists.
Males that have grown up in a minimum to two generations of Matriarchal family rule make the most ideal candidates for owning, as they have had an optimum amount of exposure to women in control.

Gynarchists practise 'forced feminisation' on men, or 'sissification'. 
On a lighter(?) note there are other specific types of domination: 'Financial Domination', funnily enough mostly done online. Some of it is the submale pretending to be a piggy bank or ATM. On a more serious level, the submale hands over all of his financial assets to the woman. Now this sounds absolutely outrageous to me. But, not so long ago, this is exactly what women had to do once they got married. 


  1. ahh the mad swinging of a crazy pendulum.
    centrist thoughts of mutual respect anyone?

  2. ML wrote:
    "But, not so long ago, this is exactly what women had to do once they got married."

    All the more reason to end gender wars and discrimination.

  3. Sorry guys. I'm just telling you the extremes of what is out there in our lovely world.

  4. no apology's necessary.
    you delight and intrigue.
    do go on ...

  5. That's a horse of another colour.

  6. this is just a male fantasy. There is no woman who is not a pro domme or fin domme who endorse this. Traditionally the Gynarchy preachers has always been male, at least for the two last centuries. Women just play along.

    1. this is the truest thing, let me tell you. all of this stuff is written by submissive men for submissive men, and they love it. take it from a pro Domme who deals with this *often*.

    2. It does have some crossover with strands of radical feminist ideology, but in general I agree


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