Sunday, 9 November 2008

Out there

I did know that adoptive mothers can eventually breast feed, after much patience. Weirdest thing I have learnt this week: transsexuals can breast feed (link). I found this out from a BDSM site where a slave who had never been pregnant wanted to lactate for her master. She wanted to be "like a good little cow", a "farmyard animal" and was seeking a breast pump such as they use on small animals for the purpose.
BDSM (Bondage/Discipline, Dominance/Submission/Sadism, Masochism)  site's like InformedConsent or SeekDiscipline are a window into a very strange world. The denizens are called 'Master', 'Sir', 'Lady' or 'Mistress'. Slaves are registered and referred to in most cases only by number. The number is sometimes tattooed upon their bodies, a clear acknowledgement of concentration camp victims and branding in slavery. Slaves frequently seek permission from their dom in order to post. 
The 'dom' (male) or 'dommes' (female) have names. The use of the term 'master' or 'mistress' is hotly disputed. Many say that it is an honorific title that should only be used for the dom/domme that owns you, otherwise it is impertinent.
If slaves are obedient and pleasing they are 'collared', sometimes in a publicly witnessed ceremony, and 'owned'. Similar to marriage in our vanilla world, but the commitment is much greater. 
People who like to do both are called 'switch'. There exist many distinctions in this finely tuned hierarchy; the difference between tops and dominants, subs and bottoms. 
A slave that is dropped by his/her master must suffer greatly, above and beyond the usual heartbreak. Thinking of my one session at Co-dependants Anonymous, surely the people who attend these are just Co-dependants with no one adequate to depend on. The BDSM world thoroughly explores issues of power, dependance and responsibility. There is perhaps something to be said for going with the flow. 
On SeekDispline there is one thread about a 21 year old female slave whose 40 year old master does not want children. He has asked her to get sterilised. The thread asks if this is ethical. Some posters think that it is not, as the master could disown the slave in a few months and she would have long term consequences. Other posters say that the whole point of being a slave is to obey the master. One person remarks that these things should be discussed prior to signing a slave contract.
Another thread talks about widening the anus for ease of access by the dominant by introducing incrementally larger butt plugs worn constantly, which are only taken out twice a day for obvious reasons. However at least two slaves witness that they have become permanently incontinent as a result. One of them has to wear nappies but regards this as a perfectly acceptable sacrifice for his mistress.
More information about the responsibilities of being a dom here at the wittily named Wipipedia! Other terms include the more extreme 'Owner/Property' and 'Taken in hand' all different levels of dominance and submission.

I also learnt a new term: SS BBW. BBW is the acronym for Big Beautiful Woman. SS means Super Size Big Beautiful Woman. I've also seen references to 'thick' women. Apparently this doesn't mean that they are stupid, 'thick' is used in opposition to 'thin'. 'Thick' means large thighs, arse, but small waist, a fashion pioneered by J-Lo. Is it not strange that women's bodies change with fashion? One blog suggests that bottoms are getting larger due to the amount of hormones in food.  A 'thick' white woman is a rarity. This website 'assmatrix' examines 'thickness'. Men are never subjected to this kind of pickiness about their physiques. Women really are just a sum of their parts.


  1. Whenever I read about this kind of thing, I always want to know the back stories of the individuals involved. When and why, for example, does it first occur to someone that they want to be a 'slave'? How can they afford all the equipment that must be necessary, let alone all the time they must need to invest in dedicating themselves to their roles? Does love get lost in the administration?

    I'll shut up now, because I'm starting to sound like some sort of BDSM magazine version of Carrie Bradshaw.

    Fascinating stuff.

  2. Personally the thought of a 24/7 lifestyle
    is just to much for me .
    Now and then to take a holiday and play
    that's fine, just as long as we can go back to
    a relationship of mutual respect in the morning.
    Respect as in caring loving kindness.

  3. Hmm, more food for thought. When I asked in my first comment when does it occur to someone to be a slave, I should have said occur to be either slave OR master/mistress. Personally I'm far too lazy to be either, and take my pleasures from straightforward, mutual respect. Love, to me, is hard enough to work out without thinking in roles, but I understand that doing so may make the whole emotional minefield much easier to navigate, for some. Is being a female sub a more extreme version/more of the same everyday life? Gosh, I don't think so, but again, I can only talk from a personal perspective. I wouldn't take on task that was repulsive to me to please anybody else. I like pleasing my partner, but it's a two-way deal. Also, I guess we have similar versions of what pleases ourselves and each other - very boringly, a lovely meal, a bottle of wine and a good roll around a very traditional bed - without equipment, I'm afraid! - is pretty much all it takes. But like you, I'm intrigued by the details of all alternatives, and fully respect everybody else's choices - as long as 'choices' genuinely is the operative word here.

  4. I mean in the sense that a sub gets to clean, do chores, laundry, unpaid, all the stuff we normally do!

  5. I'm rubbish at that stuff too. I'm beginning to wonder why my bf stays...!

  6. I know a few BBW's myself. Dawn French and Liza Tarbuck come to mind! I'd like them to come to...

  7. wait a tic maybe these people are just larpers.


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